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Proffering an Extraordinary Combination of Style, Elegance, & Quality

Premium quality doors and windows give a lustrous outlook to any house. Along with interior décor, doors and windows enhance overall aesthetics while attracting eyes and appreciation. They indispensable assets and to ensure they are premium and add elegance to the houses, Lingel leaves no stone unturned.

Established in 1959 in Ellwangen – a small town in Germany, the company has emerged as a leading manufacturer in the world. With a strong foothold in building and construction projects, Lingel also provides cutting-edge technologies and services. Over six decades, the company is delivering an individual approach to every project which is also sustainable, as the firm understands its role in improving housing and thereby, peoples’ lives.

Lingel’s outstanding quality makes its products to withstand climatic variations such as extreme cold and heat along with heavy monsoons, with ease.

The Persona Driving the Success

Mr. Mario Schmidt – Managing Director of Lingel, came to India in 2006 and established the business in the country. After entering the Indian market with premium quality doors and windows, he quickly etched the company’s name in the most preferred and trusted company list in the country.

Mr. Mario is the President of the uPVC Windows and Doors Manufacturers Association (UWDMA).

“Further, I am also working hand in hand with UWDMA and the German Government body GIZ to introduce with the support of the MSDE to introduce training and skill development programs for the industry. This is with a vision to help the youth and the delivery of skilled people to the industry. This will help ensure the quality growth of the entire business in India.  I am also a board member of the Bureau of Indian Standards since 2011. Working on the first Indian standard for uPVC profiles & uPVC window,” states Mr. Mario.

He attributes the unparalleled success to ‘Lingel always First’ as he keeps his personal and other priorities secondary. It was the key focus in developing the brand Lingel that is today – India’s most recommended company. “I take it as my onus to be responsible for all the employees considering all of them are Lingel family members,” he asserts.

Under his leadership, the company has executed prestigious projects like:

  1. TAJ Coromandel Chennai, Le Meridian Goa, The Leela Gurgaon Sarovar Hotels and Resort,
  2. Puri Construction Delhi , AR Foundation Chennai

Holistic Offerings

Lingel’s expertise lies in residential-individual – flats, houses, villas, apartments, duplexes, and small, medium & large Housing Projects. Also, in commercial-offices, hotels, hospitals, and resorts.

The company’s wide range of products are:

  1. High-end timber or wooden windows
  2. The Glass Conservatory
  3. Window Sill
  4. Venetian Blinds
  5. Roller shutters – can be operated manually and automatically

Lingel has recently introduced the new Snow White colour windows. The product consists of white foil on the white uPVC surface, making it appear whitest of the white. Given the colour, the company has ensured the cleaning process is easy and effective.

Visionary & Game-changing Products

Lingel is looking to introduce its Smart Windows which are Wi-Fi operated.

Smart Li – a breakthrough when it comes to windows and doors technology has special features such as smartphones as a control panel, window inbuilt Security system, rain sensor, Lingel Air purifier, and Smoke detector. With the IoT and the advancement in technology, a revolution is taking place in the fenestration sector. Its Wi-fi operated will be an example of how one can make their life simple and secure with these windows. From pollution level to the door being left open all messages will instantly come to the phone at the click of a button.

Astounding Recognitions & Prestigious Awards

Lingel has bagged several awards, including:

  1. Gold Winner Design Wall 2016
  2. Prestigious Brands Rising 2017
  3. World’s Greatest Brands and Leader 2016-17
  4. India’s Most Promising Brands 2017
  5. Magppie Estate Awards
  6. Realty Plus awards
  7. ZAK Awards for Excellence in Window Execution for UPVC Project & Retail 2017 & 2018
  8. India 5000 Best MSME award

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