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Peddling Thrills in the Chilly Mountains of Himalayas with Safety & Sustainability

There is always an endless desire, craving, and thirst for adventure. The adrenaline pumping, exciting roads, unexpected events and sights, and the soaring Himalayan mountains. Just the mention of adventure gets the blood going. Who would wager to miss out on the warmth of the setting sun just behind the snow-clad mountains?

Trekmunk – the most steadfast travel host – is the agency that will spice up your weekend plans with sheer energy. Trekmunk proffers budget-friendly packages along with a batch that consists of like-minded people which augments the travel experience drastically.

Astounding Genesis

Mr. Mohit Goswami – CEO & Director of Trekmunk, was traveling through the mountain ranges when he had the fated meeting with Mr. Oshank Soni and Mr. Harshit Patel. The trio found themselves traveling together and somewhere along the line, an idea hatched in their minds. Mr. Mohit had a strong motive to generate employment instead of being an employee. With Mr. Oshank and Mr. Harshit, he realized his dream coming to light, and soon afterward they founded Trekmunk.

“The goal was simple at the beginning, to create a platform where people can trek in the Himalayas with likeminded people keeping in mind the safety and sustainable tourism,” asserts Mr. Mohit.

Dynamic & Visionary Leadership

Understanding the basic problems employees face regularly such as long working hours, daily commuting, and minimum paid leaves which build stress, Mr. Mohit has enabled work from home culture. By encouraging work from home culture, he has struck the perfect balance between work and life, thereby curbing anxiety and health problems. Employees working for Trekmunk feel comfortable with this unique work culture.

“Since our company is a travel organization and all the bookings and queries are handled online or on calls, we offer our employees to work from home; along with saving a lot of time off in commuting employees also get a sense of safety being in a comfortable zone,” states Mr. Mohit. There also an option to travel to Himachal and Uttarakhand where the company has offices. In the lap of nature, employees can work more efficiently and effectively.

The flexible working hours and workplace propels Trukmunk to a new height and hence, many employees seek employment in the company. Since Trekmunk has forgone hierarchy, all employees feel the company is theirs as much as it is of founders. Given the free reign and working hours, everybody plays an equal role and task serving the trekkers.

An Extraordinary Organization

Devoted to offering one of its kind services, Trekmunk is bringing back the essence of trekking and living in the wild. Since trekking organizations have become highly commercialized, Trekmunk is taking a brand-new path to enable the high-quality experience. This vision inspires the employees to push the boundaries and bring something new to the table.

“All trekking organizations are highly commercialized and we wanted to deviate from that path, bringing our audiences to more deep and virgin parts of the Himalayas,” proclaims Mr. Mohit. “We are doing so through numerous initiatives for which our employees work tirelessly. They are not only happy to work towards those causes but often bring flawless ideas to serve the society in a better way,” he adds further.

Raising the Benchmark

Trekmunk is working to make its operations more environmental friendly. It is ensuring that single-use plastic is terminated from trek operations. Also, the agency is going paperless to decrease its environmental footprint as using legal documentation and medical certificates require heaps of paper.

By doing their bits, Trekmunk employees and management team is making a big difference. Like a fine-tuned guitar, the agency works in an optimized nature and bring top-notched customer experience to offer.

Delivering Real Taste of Adventure

“We are trying to give our clients a very unique and wholesome experience instead of a climb up and climb down trek. We are also working on an alpinist niche where trekkers can go solo (shadowed by a trek leader) where is expected to cook for himself, set up a camp himself, and carry his stuff himself; we are trying to give our clients a REAL taste of adventure rather than assisted adventure,” asserts Mr. Mohit.

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