Coronavirus Update: Over 8 Lakh Indians May Have To Leave Kuwait

As the cases are soaring and the situation seems nowhere in control, the world is reeling under the effects of Covid19. Almost seven months later after the discovery of the virus, businesses around the globe are still suffering. With no respite from the virus and the lockdown, organizations are finding it difficult to operate as they usually do. With most of the world shut inside the home, the losses are mounting and will likely continue until the vaccine is out.

The Coronavirus pandemic has signaled the biggest economic crisis in almost a century.

People from every corner of the planet are reporting job losses. The numbers are only increasing as the Covid19 keeps wreaking havoc. It is no wonder that foreign lands are closing to the Indian workers. With economies tanking, foreign employers and governments are bound to cut the jobs in order to save the locals from getting unemployed.

Such fallout is happening in Kuwait. Up to 8 lakh Indians may have to return to their homeland if the new is passed. Kuwait is mulling on this law which puts a cap on the number of emigrants working in the nation. The bill has a proposal that will cap Indians at 15 percent.

As Kuwait depends largely on oil, the economy is suffering because of the falling prices and low demand for petroleum. The recent price crash is signaling unemployment for the local population. Hence, to deal with the unemployment among the locals, Kuwait is processing a law that might force up to 8 lakh Indians to leave the country, along with other foreign workers.

Indians form the largest community in Kuwait with emigrants being numbered over 14 lakhs.

Prime Minister of Kuwait Mr. Sheikh Sabah Al Khalid Al Sabah said that the country is bringing a law to cap the share of emigrants at 30 percent. As of today, the outsiders make 70 percent of Kuwait’s population. The bill has been introduced by five parliamentarians and has been approved by the legal and legislative committee of the national assembly of Kuwait.

The bill will now be considered by a standing committee, which will finalize the draft. The finalization for fixing the quota system of emigrants is in hands of the standing committee and should it get a nod, around 25 lakh foreign workers will have depart from Kuwait.