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A Pioneer in Developing and Enhancing HR & Compliance with Efficiency & Innovation

The labor laws in India are experiencing changes due to e-governance, legislation systems, and streamlining of processes. Given the number of laws in the country, 40+ central and 150+ state laws, the changes are bound to appear. Adapting to changing systems and streamlining processes are proving to be a challenge for most companies. Hence, these companies are looking for a partner who is an expert and can take over as an advisory for smooth and efficient management.

Karma Management Consultants is a forerunner in the niche. The company utilizes automation and technology to address all the issues an organization may face while taking over an advisory. With technology and innovation at its core, the firm delivers enhancing HR & Compliance with efficiency.

Karma Management Consultants is among ‘The Top 100 in the overall Evaluation of Financial & Non-Financial Parameter,’ ‘The Top 10 fastest growing consultants,’ and also, ‘The Top 5 among the 25 best labor law consultants in India.’ It has been bestowed with awards such as SME 2 company – Crisil for Credit Worthiness and Global HR Excellence for Innovation in HR practices.

Exemplary Institution

Karma Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is a leading human resource consultancy and outsourcing firm that provides a complete range of HR consulting, outsourcing, recruitment, and management services. Since its inception, the company has a benchmark in the domain through its reliability and performance, along with high-quality delivery.

The company holds a strong foothold in the complete Human Resource and Compliance Management life cycle – from the recruitment process, outsourcing, employee relieving, to performance and payroll management, licensing, and audits. Technological innovation is the driving force behind the organization’s services as well as behind delivering optimal results that exceed clients’ expectations. The most unique feature of Karma Management Consultants is its full suite of compliance tools.

“Karma Management has now become one of the most sought-after HR outsourcing and consulting firms that businesses of all shapes and sizes turn to for cost-effective and quality HR solutions. We can take care of all your monthly/quarterly/annual statutory payments like EPF, ESIC, and Professional Tax, etc. and filing of returns on your behalf,” asserts Mr. Pratik Vaidya – Managing Director of Karma Management Consultants.

Under the wings of Karma Management Consultants, Mr. Pratik began a new lead in in HR and Compliance on an International scale by incubating another venture – Share Your HR Consulting Pvt. Ltd. The company is an integral part of Karma Management Consultants, integrating people solutions across various segments.

Share Your HR (Implementing Tech-enabled HR Solutions to Create a New Paradigm)

Since the Human Resource division of business manages all aspects of personnel, ranging from recruiting, training, and career development to overseeing packages, managing benefits plans, it is solely responsible for maximizing an organization’s business and ensure employees’ satisfaction. Also, the department is tasked with keeping employee productivity high, thereby ensuring a competent workforce that will propel the organization to new heights.

The division encompasses a variety of jobs such as human resources generalists, employment and placement managers, job analysts, training instructors, benefits managers, mediators, recruitment specialists. To address all the challenges faced by organizations, Share Your HR – who is a pioneer in people solutions, began its operations in 2019. The company integrates people consulting services and solutions across the industry verticals.

It was started with a mission to maintain satisfaction, trust, and integrity by delivering quality bespoke HR solutions and employee experience. Share Your HR is committed to the services which are consistent with the industry’s best practices. Any organization with many employees such as banks, fast food restaurants, etc., needs a specialist to manage their personnel. Share Your HR is a go-to partner that provides tech-enabled HR solutions with efficiency.

Astounding Genesis

The company was established with a vision to a leading HR consulting firm that provides tech-enabled HR solutions to build stakeholder experience. “As the name suggests, it is complete HR Shared Service right from Design in HR to running the HR functions and includes HR compliances for different geographies apart from India,” asserts Mr. Pratik.

Share Your HR’s experienced team of professionals are able to deliver quality service in the key areas of HR Transformation, HR Shared Services, HR Process Engineering, M&A, HR Advisory, Global Payroll & Compliance, and Corporate Wellness. It has expertise in 5 regions – Americas, Central America, Europe, and Middle East & APAC.

Best in the Class Solutions

The firm is an expert when it comes to HR solutions since it has an experienced team of professionals along with three decades of experience in exceeding clients’ expectations. It leverages plug and play digital solutions and offers HR solutions at a competitive price that is deliverable across the geography.

“The key to organizational excellence lies in elevating HR from a job to the power that runs your business,” states Mr. Pratik and hence, Share Your HR offers services including:

  1. HR Strategy & Policy Design
  2. Reward & Benefit
  3. Onboarding, leave, expense management
  4. Talent review & succession planning
  5. Employee satisfaction
  6. Employee wellness
  7. Compliance & Governance
  8. Payroll & Benefit administration

Dynamic Leadership

Mr. Pratik is a driven achiever and a visionary reformist in the Indian HR & Compliance sphere. Under his leadership, the teams address several issues and therefore, have a strong foundation to work on future projects.

A pioneer who has always placed his passion over all else, Mr. Pratik left the comfort and glamour of corporate life to radically turn around what was once a laid back, directionless, conservative PF outfit into one of the leading HR & Compliance organizations. Converting an ordinary brick and mortar company that functioned without a single computer, he has since turned Kishor Vaidya & Co. into Karma Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd., growing its turnover from a meager 1.5 million in 2002 to over 750 million rupees today, all without receiving any external funding.

He joined the industry with a background in law and business administration. After a few years and various stints with leading corporates, he realized that he had his own ideas and visions, and wanted to see them bear fruit. Kishor Vaidya & Co. gave him the perfect platform, and he soon transformed a conventional PF and Insurance related company into a service that covered all compliance-related aspects, payroll, and staffing solutions. They unified diverse HR services, and registered as Karma Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd. in 2007, and have since grown revenues over 25-fold.

Mr. Pratik has invested in influencing and guiding the HR fraternity through various platforms. His outreach, expertise, and vision have led his name to become synonymous with excellence in HR compliance.

Mr. Pratik has translated Karma Management Consultants & Share Your HR into the most preferred companies to work for because of its exposure and employee benefit systems.

Mission Statement

KMCPL’s mission is to emerge as the leading management consultancy and solutions company offering a comprehensive range of services and products at competitive prices, ensuring high standards of customer service and world class operating efficiency.

For this, quality management system following the ISO-9001:2000 model has been established in the company. The top management of the company is committed to:

  1. Overseeing the creation of the Quality Management System (QMS),
  2. Overseeing the creation of the Quality Management System (QMS),
  3. Communicating the importance of meeting requirements, including customer, legal, and regulatory requirements,
  4. Establishing the quality policy and the quality objectives,
  5. Communicating with parties responsible for product and service quality,
  6. Providing adequate resources for the operation of the QMS
  7. Reviewing the operation of the QMS.

Given the multiple offices the organization has established in various parts of the country, the employees can enjoy varying culture and push their boundaries to enrich their careers. The company ensures good morale within the firm which leads to increased productivity. The departmental heads promote collaboration, commitment, motivation, dependability, and accountability among the staff. This increases individual strengths, improves delegation, and reduces or eliminates certain lower levels of management.

“We have adopted the new age policies like sat-sun off, and we celebrate TGIF with a small party. We have Town Hall sessions once in a month to discuss employee problems we take of our employees during their bad times. Hence our employees are comfortable with our workplace culture,” states Mr. Pratik.


The company envisions itself to be counted as one amongst the top five players in this business over the next five years.

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