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Simplifying Email and SMS Marketing by Delivering Robust Compliance Solutions

Email and SMS marketing are key components of many successful digital marketing strategies. From small-to-medium and large-to-giant organizations, email and SMS are counted on as top-performing marketing channels. The duo is used extensively to garner new customers and retain current ones. However, as these marketing channels have grown over the years, their complexity has also increased. From marketing compliance to data privacy and even the explosion in user devices, marketing in these other channels is more challenging than ever before.

While we often assume technology is designed to ease these types of complexities for users, it often creates more challenges as it solves others. OPTIZMO Technologies, a recognized leader in the email and online marketing arena has developed a set of solutions to help companies navigate these challenges more effectively. From email suppression list management and campaign management to data management and risk mitigation services relative to email compliance, the company delivers a technology platform to address key needs of companies involved in email and SMS marketing.

The company’s mission is to pair powerful, cutting-edge technology with an experienced team that is dedicated to the customers’ success.  This has formed the foundation for the firm’s rapid and consistent growth since its inception.

The Company’s Genesis

OPTIZMO was founded in 2009 by two dynamic co-founders – Khris Thayer (CEO) & Grant Fern (CTO), after they recognized the industry’s need for more robust email compliance solutions to optimize the collection, storage, and distribution of email suppression files. Since its founding, the company has been focused on delivering email compliance solutions and support to advertisers, networks, performance agencies, and email marketers.

With the email marketing industry’s need for a fast, intuitive platform that supports a fresh, innovative approach to email suppression list management and email compliance, OPTIZMO continues leading the way in data management SaaS technology. The company provides automation software for optimizing the collection, storage, and distribution of sensitive consumer data in a secure environment with unparalleled performance analytics and visibility into how third-parties interact with your data.

As part of its growth plan, the company has opened offices across geography including Austin TX, Charleston SC, Denver CO, Philadelphia PA, and Brisbane, Australia, to most effectively support all of its clients.

Experienced Leadership

Mr. Thayer has more than 15 years of experience in entrepreneurial and corporate environments. His experience also includes 5 years working in the venture capital arena, leading research teams, and developing strategies to successfully bring various Sci-Tech and Consumer products to the market. Before founding OPTIZMO, he was working in the telecom field, overseeing the design and implementation of fiber networks.

Over the years, Mr. Thayer has built and overseen teams across the business spectrum including engineering, product, sales, and client services. He has also spent time as a motivational speaker who also developed and launched multiple mentorship programs.

Not only a stalwart business leader but also a dedicated artist, Mr. Thayer is an accomplished musician. When he isn’t running OPTIZMO, he is the lead singer and guitarist for Austin TX based band, Fallenash. The band released its first album - The Backyard Symphony - in 2015 and released a follow-up EP in 2020.

An Edge Over Competitors

“Our developers work to constantly improve and enhance our technology platform to address the evolving needs of our clients, while our sales and account team builds deep relationships with our clients to help them take full advantage of our services. This approach has enabled us to set ourselves apart from our competitors to build a constantly growing base of clients and partners, many of whom we have worked with for years,” asserts Mr. Thayer.

The company’s clients consistently recommend OPTIZMO to their partners and peers in the industry, making client referrals its most powerful source of new business. Whether clients need to move data throughout an entire ecosystem of channel partners or simply for internal, cross-departmental sharing of suppression lists and customer files, OPTIZMO saves them time and money and enables them to rest assured that their data is safe and secure.

More Robust Email Compliance Solutions

The only truly independent suppression list management system in the industry, OPTIZMO is entirely neutral and unaffiliated with any mailer, network, or another technology platform. This allows the company to focus on delivering the most robust email compliance solutions available in the industry and make it available to every client, with no potential conflicts of interest.  OPTIZMO solutions include:

  1. SUPPRESS – This allows users to securely collect, store, and distribute email suppression lists while automating Opt-Out preferences and generating unsubscribe links for mailers.
  2. SMS SUPPRESS – Designed to collect and distribute SMS based Opt-Out and Do-Not-Call (DNC) lists to and from third-party partners in the same way as the company’s platform manages email suppression lists.
  3. COMPARE – The industry’s most flexible file comparison solution that quickly and efficiently runs merge/purge processes on two or more email files.

Future Landscape

With privacy becoming more and more of a priority for companies and individuals, OPTIZMO is focusing on the development of technology to make customer data even more safe and secure. It is also constantly evaluating various new product initiatives for its established compliance and list suppression products, including providing deeper transparency and analytics to provide clients with great insights into their data.

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