Top 10 Startup Business Ideas During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With ever-increasing coronavirus cases, businesses and jobs are affected beyond measures. Metropolitan cities are among the worst hit in India. The country has been reporting spikes in the number of cases with each passing day. The giant companies are surviving and so are their employees. However, small businesses are reporting tremendous losses and are laying off employees.

The news is troublesome but there is also an opportunity to start some ventures of your own. Who knows, it might be a blessing a disguise for you.

The pandemic has increased the demand for medical items and equipment drastically. Masks, PPE suits, gloves, hand sanitizers, etc. are constantly in high-demand today. With schools and colleges shut, there is also an opportunity for you to start Edtech or online learning space.

Below are 10 start-up opportunities that you can consider while the pandemic is raging on:


Business Sight Magazine-Medical Equipment manufacturing

Medical Equipment manufacturing

The medical fraternity is overburdened given the number of cases. The frontline warriors need masks, PPE suits, gloves, etc. everyday. Hence, you can start a manufacturing unit to fill in the gap. Even after the pandemic is over, the requirement for masks, gloves will be high.


Business Sight Magazine-Pickup & Delivery

Pickup & Delivery

State Governments have imposed lockdowns to contain the spread. People barely leave their homes in the wake of the virus. This can a good time for you to start a pickup and delivery service. Online shopping and food have seen a rise in orders and therefore, is a perfect opportunity.


Business Sight Magazine-Online Education App

Online Education App

Since March, the schools and colleges are shut. Some students and people want to take their skills to the next level. If you have mastery in some niche, this can be a boon for you. Online learning is gaining traction more than ever, nearly there is a 300 percent rise in online learning.


Business Sight Magazine-Grocery Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Grocery is among the daily needs that any family requires. Due to the fear of the virus, many people are not risking to venture out. Instead, people are ordering their groceries online. If you can deliver what they want, this is a good startup idea for you.


Business Sight Magazine-Medicine Delivery

Medicine Delivery

Similar to grocery, people are ordering their medicines online. There are some minor issues people face on an everyday basis. Failing to get the medicine is becoming a constant, everyday problem thanks to the virus. It is then the responsibility of pharmacy businesses to provide the medicines. With the right platform, you can strike up a deal with pharmacy businesses and start delivering medicines in just a few weeks.


Business Sight Magazine-Old games

Old games

Since people are trapped in their homes, they are playing old games with their family members. How about transforming those games and bringing them into the digital world where people can enjoy them with their friends? The demand for traditional games is ever rising because people want to rejoice the feeling of nostalgia. Not to mention, the games will keep them busy.


Business Sight Magazine-Truck-sharing Service

Truck-sharing Service

Despite the best efforts, many people are stuck in different parts of the country. Truck-sharing service will not only bring them back but will also them some money.


Business Sight Magazine-E-commerce marketplace

E-commerce marketplace

With online shopping booming, you can start an e-commerce marketplace and take it online without any hassle.


Business Sight Magazine-Fitness App

Fitness App

People are worried about their health these days. With gyms and sports centers closed, there is a huge gap in monitoring health. Another perfect opportunity to start your entrepreneurial journey.


Business Sight Magazine-Online Medical Van Booking

Online Medical Van Booking

The patients need immediate help. In such cases, an online medical van booking can come to their rescue. It is an amazing idea to save lives as well as beginning your venture.