Christopher Carter (Founder & CEO, Approyo) – Top Visionary Companies to Watch in 2020 – Beyond the Bounds of COVID19

Transforming Cloud Infrastructure & Simplifying SAP Migrations

The digital era has transformed the industries. Technology is becoming increasingly sophisticated day by day. Cloud technology is making big waves as it is the most innovative solution in storing big chunks of data. This sophisticated technology is landing new cloud-based bookings and Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). More and more organizations are migrating their SAP platform onto S/4 HANA as there is a need for advanced systems to keep track of data and analytics.

To ease the complications while companies are moving towards S/4 HANA, Approyo delivers easy-to-deploy and secure Cloud solutions. The company helps various businesses across the globe in shifting their systems to SAP HANA. It is on a mission to simplify the moving processes and hence, the firm has developed tailored roadmaps which aid companies in making the move quick and hassle-free. Approyo also ensures the businesses that are migrating to SAP HANA get benefits right after the implementation.

Today, Approyo is among the leading SAP solution providers in the world.

An Outstanding Institution

With values such as quality service, dependability, integrity, and adaptability, Approyo prides itself on being customer-centric. Putting the needs of the clients first and addressing them with devotion, the company delivers the best possible results. Its efforts translate into dependability and trust, leading clients to prefer Approyo in the revolutionization of their businesses.

The firm stays up-to-date with new insights and technology, as it understands that new trends bring new questions and the technology landscape is constantly changing. By staying abreast of new trends, Approyo is able to deliver the best solutions.

The company always strives to bring forth a solution that addresses any and every clients’ needs. Using SAP, it created Cloud Ignite – a sandbox as a service tool, which has ensured the rapid deployment and absolute speed to success, giving the customers a quicker go-to market timeline process.

Approyo stands out from the rest through its expertise in SAP alone. Other larger competitors tend to provide a whole array of ERP services like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM, etc. Approyo on the other hand, utilizes these other ERP service providers, and has the ability to integrate them with SAP, maximizing capabilities, while keeping SAP at the forefront of its focus.

Developing Unique & Innovative Solutions

“In the beginning, the biggest challenge we had to face was learning how to properly educate customers on the world of cloud computing when many people didn’t even know what the cloud was yet. With the introduction of SAP HANA to the SAP portfolio of applications, the struggle was in convincing customers to ditch their old legacy ERP systems and invest in a better and brighter future,” states Mr. Christopher Carter – Founder & CEO of Approyo.

Despite the initial struggles, Approyo turned the tables and garnered a large client base. Its biggest strength lies in its team as the company’s employees are SAP experts with professional industry experience. The company’s headquarters is located in Brookfield, WI but has global employees and data centers all over the world, meaning that the team is able to assist in support and large projects no matter the time or day.

Dynamic Persona

With more than two and a half decades of experience in SAP industry, Mr. Carter is recognized for his success all over the globe. Before even his career began, he attended college at The Georgia Institute of Technology and began working in SAP, eventually finding his own company. After noting the impacts of SAP HANA in the IT domain, Mr. Carter decided to take on the new platform and Approyo saw the light of the day.

“I wish to continue the growth and success of Approyo, expanding our staff, locations, and clients in the future,” proclaims Mr. Carter.

Driving the Key Growth

When clients work with Approyo, not only are the reaping the benefits of SAP, also known as ‘The Intelligent Enterprise’, but they benefit from working with a dedicated Managed Services Provider as well. From migrations to upgrades, to deployments, and services such as hosting, monitoring, and 24/7 SAP Basis support, Approyo assists companies in the digital transformation of their processes.

“Utilizing an ERP solution such as SAP HANA or SAP S/4 HANA, allows customers to gain a higher Return on Investment (ROI), through the use of predictive analytics, advanced data, etc., leading to better organization and business decisions,” asserts Mr. Carter.