Cover Story, Fran Killoway (Executive Chairman, Frasil Group Pty Ltd ) – Top Visionary Companies to Watch in 2020 – Beyond the Bounds of COVID19

Empowering Disabled People by Augmenting Artificial Intelligence

The advent of advanced technology has revolutionized industries. Artificial Intelligence is making big waves and unlocking new horizons. The changes that have come in recent years are quite remarkable. After all, advancement and progress are the purpose of technology. A perfect human-technology synchronization will propel the society to new heights and several greater things can be achieved. All these plausible achievements are possible because of AI.

Frasil – an innovation-based company, developed simpler solutions using AI for the disabled people, ensuring that their desires will prevail. With a mission to enrich the lives of those affected by disability, Frasil offers a wide range of companion solutions. The company has integrated the solutions into a comprehensive platform that provides aid to those who need it. As accessibility is a major issue for disabled people, Frasil drives the technology that makes the world more accessible to people via online tools and programs.

The company came out with diverse solutions and it is increasing the platforms’ efficiency by creating tools and programs to encourage connection in the respective communities. Since disabilities rob people of the choices, Frasil offers those choices back to people through its life-enhancing and augmentative technology.

A Humble Beginning

Mrs. Fran Killoway – Founder & Executive Chairman of Frasil, embarked on the journey when her close friend was diagnosed with MND and eventually losing the ability to speak. After going through numerous products that could resolve the issue, Ms. Killoway found the products were outrageously expensive or did not work the way she had expected them to. Then, she took it upon herself to develop a solution that could address the problem her friend was facing. Before the solution would see the light of the day, her friend passed away.

With devoted rigor, Mrs. Killoway has been on the mission to help those in need by developing a humanoid companion which would be there for them.

She garnered the necessary knowledge by associating with BCG on AI theories – a US Defense giant, Oracle, and such other multinational organizations. In 2010, she set out to develop state-of-the-art AI solutions that improved and enhanced the lifestyles of people with special needs. Through never-ending desire to help people, she spent year after year in various research programs and then, finally established Frasil in 2014.

The cornerstone of Frasil was to commercialize the AI technology and create innovative solutions for disabled people, provide disability services, and 24/7 research to improve solutions and products.

Innovation meets Noble Intent

To ensure a personalized experience for every user, Frasil’s platform utilizes artificial intelligence and machine empathy to create solutions the world has never seen. The solutions offer personalized experience irrespective of disability, mobility, or capability. Frasil goes that extra mile where it offers more tailored services rather than one size fits all concept.

The level of personalization for each user is achieved via the platform operating with a preference engine. A series of questions are put forth for a user and hence, the system can switch and transform to match the user’s specific needs. The brilliance of the design and its capability add luster to the platform. Whether a hundred or million users, the system never fails to deliver a tailored experience to every user.

Even though the technology is Frasil’s business, Mrs. Killoway is insistent on the business controlling the technology and not vice versa. She does this by ensuring that the technology team does not control the business. By preventing the technology team from making the decisions and choices, the users are presented with the technology that listens to their needs and wants.

Powered by a Machine Empathy Engine, Frasil offers twelve apps. The company is encouraging the disabled people to connect to the internet and express themselves. With the world at their fingertips with apps like MyEntertainment, MyHome, MyFeelings, MyNeeds, MyVoice, MySelf, and MyDay, people with special needs are simply connecting to entertainment, communication, and devices.

Frasil is a companion to every person struggling with a disability.

Bridging the Gap where Support Workers fall Short

With unique and innovative solutions, Frasil is offering a new breed of support with a vision to become a service provider that reduces isolation. By doing so, the company will fill the gap where support workers fall short. Mrs. Killoway believes it is important to keep the cost under check as disabled people master new tools with ease and therefore, the demand increases.

Today, Frasil is a global leader in the niche and retains an edge over its competitors as it respects the products and services, also it offers personalized solutions.

Mrs. Killoway is determined to continue offering tailored services as she believes every disabled person has different wants and needs. The market refuses to acknowledge this simple fact but she was devoted to offering solutions with personalization and lower cost. than the competitors.

Stellar Leader

Mrs. Killoway truly relishes her work. She is passionate about ensuring similar opportunities to disabled people just like the rest of the world have. This passion runs in the company as every employee works toward building and implementing solutions for disabled people.

Not only a stellar leader, but Mrs. Killoway is also an outstanding human being. She has overseen the creation of technology that offers the quality of life back to those who require it the most. She has made a stark difference in the lives of numerous disabled people by empowering them to participate in the day to day activities without any hassle.

A Visionary Company

The system built by the company is easily navigable and intuitive. The users can use the products and services without stressing out. Simple directions help users to communicate exactly what they want to, when they want to, how they want to. Based on the neural network intelligence platform, the platform works with unique ability as it learns from its user and grows with its user. Data-driven and machine empathy play a vital role that is just not a quantum leap in caregiving but also technology.

Mrs. Killoway believes it not just a responsibility to reach people living with a disability but also a necessity. The exceptional platform she has built brought a revolution in the niche and it a powerful step in the right direction. However, Ms. Killoway feels that the journey is far from over.

Frasil has been bestowed with more than 6 international awards and Mrs. Killoway’s work has been noticed and recognized by the global audience. She states, “People are just people, and wherever possible, Frasil tries to give people with most disabilities the same access to the world that others take for granted.”