How technology is transforming HR?

Increased attention on topics traditionally considered the realm of HR such as discrimination, harassment, diversity, workplace culture, etc., are making big waves in the HR niche. Also, HR professionals and organization leaders have a lot to keep up with technological developments, economic changes, globalization and automation as technology is evolving by leaps and bounds and it is a fact that companies must be aware of the changes that come with being technologically efficient. Everything from the hiring process, people analytics to software systems have evolved and 2020 is predicted to be a year of more transformative development and increasingly disruptive technology advancement. Driven in large part by the technological revolution such internet, big data, social media, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc., that has transformed the world we live in, HR is also being transformed by these technologies. HR professionals like to learn about the trends, and the annual trend overview is increasingly popular thanks to the experts who have warned about the opportunities and consequences of artificial intelligence, robotics, and other technologies. With these changes, the Human Resource department will have an enormous weight in business strategy while all of these factors affect how companies do business and attract and retain talented workers. Concerning the application of new processes and the elaboration of plans for a successful absorption instead of just engaging the employees and giving an upper hand to their satisfaction level, today’s trends are more inclined to enlighten the overall HR culture.

HR professionals need to be on the lookout for the latest trends and adapt them quickly to keep their companies at the forefront of innovation and assess how other companies are responding to the huge challenge of the technological revolution. The focus is on process improvement as old processes are redesigned, and new tools are introduced while HR executives and teams across many industries have common challenges to face in 2020. HR will not only have to face the adoption of new digital processes, but they will be the main responsible for the selection of technical talent that will have an impact on the hiring in the coming years and if they don't keep up with all the changes going on around them in terms of the tasks HR do every day, they will become obsolete. The HR department has already moved far forward than just mere recruitment, benefits management, professional development and time and attendance as HR is looking at ways in which they can use AI or machine learning to automate the talent acquisition experience so they can dive deeply into the one-on-one relationships with employees and form strong foundation while hiring employees for their organizations.

Faced with all of these changes especially technology advancements, the priority for businesses is to transform the way they work and the actual organization of the company and for HR, technology has transformed recruitment, in particular. Automation will no longer only be a system present in production tasks within the industry as the human element will never go away and HR will continue to manage the human workforce, and IT teams will manage the robots. The technology will help the recruitment processes to speed up the filling of vacant positions, as well as some tasks that take time away from the teams. Thanks to technology, the focus is now shifted to the productivity of the overall HR process than just automating each section differently.