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Augmenting Food Production with Stark Difference to Address Ever-Increasing Global Need

The current world population of 7.6 billion is projected to increase by more than 2.2 billion and reach 9.8 billion by 2050. The population increase is remarkable in developing countries, especially in Africa and Asia. The population of India is expected to top the list in 2028, surpassing that of China. Along with population growth, the demand for food is also expected to increase. As per FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) estimates, food producers will have to increase overall food production by 70% to feed the world population in 2050.Only 10% of this 70% increase is expected to include land expansion, while the remaining 90% should come from higher crop yields and alternate food sources.

Novus is a global leader in science-driven health and nutrition solutions for animal agriculture customers worldwide. The company is making a clear difference in sustainably meeting this growing global need for nutrition and health. It has a comprehensive portfolio that provides a holistic approach to gut health, performance, and feed solutions for poultry, swine, aquaculture and cattle, backed by decades of research.

Novus is recognized as a global leader in helping producers extract more benefits from feed ingredients, leading to optimized production and a reduction in overall production costs.

An Insignia of Excellence

Novus products offer superior value to its customers, beyond what is expected of traditional feed additives. The company offers solutions and services that help customers to effectively manage food production challenges. The solutions are tailored to suit the customer’s challenge.

By incorporating feed ingredient solutions from Novus into animal diets, customers can extract improved parameters and additional value from their operations, such as:

  1. Reduced feed costs: Novus is a global leader in protease and phytase enzyme solutions with its CIBENZA® brand family.
  2. Optimized animal health and performance through mineral management: MINTREX® chelated trace minerals are the first globally available bis-chelates and have been recognized by international bodies like the EU (European Union) and AAFCO (Association of American Food Control Officials).
  3. Feed and food safety: Novus follows a comprehensive approach with product solutions like SANTOQUIN® feed preservative, FORMYCINE® preservative pre-mix, and SOLIS® anti-caking agent to maintain feed safety and quality.
  4. Reduced antibiotic usage by optimized gut health and immunity: Novus has a dedicated team of in-house technical experts and renowned third party global consultants that provide producers with technical know-how that is coupled with products like ACTIVATE® nutritional feed acid, NEXT ENHANCE® 150 feed additive (essential oils), and AVIMATRIX® feed supplement (specialty acids).
  5. Customer service: Offering professional, knowledgeable, local and friendly service and support. Novus has a dedicated team of qualified technical professionals.
  6. Industry service: Addressing industry challenges globally through collaboration.
  7. Superior quality: Providing quality products to the market, verified by science, and proven in production.

Stellar Leadership

With over two and half decades of expertise, Mr. Neeraj Kumar Srivastava – Managing Director of Novus-South Central Asia, is a dynamic business leader. He has garnered unique expertise over the years through the turnaround of various businesses, grooming and developing talented teams, and great networking with customers and suppliers in the industry worldwide. He is deputy chairman of the apex industry body – CLFMA and Zonal President of PFI.

“In South Asia, we are more focused on creating a win-win situation for our customers and Novus by providing products and solutions with demonstrable value to our customers and becoming a solution provider to them instead of doing a transactional business. This approach requires a coordinated effort from all departments of the company spearheaded by sales, marketing, and technical services team,” proclaims Mr. Neeraj.

New Horizons

“Our revenue growth has been in the double digits in South Asia; that is more than twice the growth rate of market and with this annual growth rate we are marching towards doubling our top line in the next five years,” states Mr. Neeraj.

Novus is a market leader in product platforms of methionine, minerals, eubiotics, enzymes, and feed quality. Understanding that animal health begins within, the company’s latest goal is to become the industry’s go-to source for gut health solutions.

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