Dr. Avinash Dharmadhikari & Mr. Sachin Chougule & Mr. Ameet Shelar (Rubiscape) – Business Sight’s Disruptive Companies at the Forefront of Innovation 2020

Fuelling Imagination from Insight to Foresight by making Meaningful Discoveries that Drive Impact

In today’s digitally driven world, data is everything. Some experts are calling data the new oil. From every connection, interaction to every transaction, observation, everything is tied up with data. It is simply everywhere. Modern businesses need to leverage data to invent new models that are innovative as well as disruptive. These models are purely data-driven and hence, businesses can make more informed and better decisions.

Rubiscape is the go-to organization from several businesses as it helps firms leverage diverse data. The company unleashes a new, meaningful value from data via co-creation and continuous innovation. It understands that the vital challenge businesses are facing today is not data or capturing data, but how to enable the appropriate usage of the data.

Rubiscape is a leading performer in the niche as it delivers key business insights by employing data science and data disruption. Its unique and innovative approaches enable various businesses to perform best in the industries.

Driving the Wheels of Change

Rubiscape is a multidisciplinary, fluid, and fast platform leveraging diverse data sources and types across multiple industries, subject areas, and technologies. It is on a mission to continuously enhance and augment innovative models, connectors, novel concepts, and algorithms. The company plays a crucial role in tech-enabler for enterprises, institutions, and incubators to jump-start data innovation initiatives.

The firm is always striving to boost the scalability, security, and adaptability associated with this platform.

Rubiscape is one of its kind blended platform for data science, data disruption, AI, ML, analytics, visualizations, and much more. What acts as a differentiator is all these elements are harmonized and synchronized under one roof as a consolidated package rather than operating in silos.

Being ahead of the data science curve through domain expertise, research, exploration, and knowledge exchange is what makes Rubiscape unique.

Visionary Leaders

The company is paving its way forward under the visionary leadership of Mr. Sachin Chougule, Mr. Ameet Shelar, and Dr. Avinash Dharmadhikari. Their collective vision and strength are the driving force behind the company’s drastic growth. With a deep commitment towards building innovative products for the global markets, the trio leads the firm.

Dr. Avinash Dharmadhikari, Advisor & Chief Data Scientist

Dr. Avinash Dharmadhikari is a veteran Data Scientist, worked at TATA Motors as Head of Reliability Program, building the team and setting up the processes. Prior to that he was Hod at The  Pune University’s Department Statistics. He is an Advisor and Chair of the Rubiscape Product Advisory Board, providing thought leadership, mentoring the teams, consulting for building industry solutions.

Sachin Chougule, Director, Product Engineering

A founding member of the Rubiscape Engineering Team, Sachin Chougule is an accomplished technical architect with a strong software engineering & business intelligence background. Before Rubiscape, he was leading a customer engineering function at Inteliment, the Rubiscape parent company.

Ameet Shelar, Director Dev-Ops

Ameet Shelar is an accomplished technology leader with a strong product background. He leads a team of data scientists and engineers who work on cutting-edge technology, building a trailblazing platform from the ground up. Before joining Rubiscape, Ameet was leading the engineering team at IDeaS, a SAS company.

By disrupting AI and ML technology by democratizing Data Science and making it a joyful experience, the leaders are setting a high benchmark in the industry. Their design thinking approach along with ground-breaking innovations is enabling businesses to apply statistics and hence, derive better results.

Disruptive Solutions

Data is everywhere and it is growing at an exponential rate every day. New business models need fresh thinking and disruptive strategies.  The key to success is to leverage diverse data and make a tangible impact, with ease and minimal investment. For data-driven, intelligence and fast decision making, one of the significant challenges is to delve into diverse data – structured data, images, text, videos, networks, sensors, devices, signals, maps, locations, applications, APIs. Fluid and fast data platform can solve this problem.

Rubiscape is a user-friendly, easily implementable, and self-sustained platform designed considering modern data science, visualization needs, and standards. It is one of its kind integrated platforms built and developed by Rubians – a team of experts with the right toolsets, skillsets, and mindsets making it stand out vis a vis other platforms. Some of its integrated toolsets which are built considering the industry standards of data science and analytics are:

  1. RubiStudio (Visual ML-Ops)
  2. RubiConnect (API Engine)
  3. RubiFlow (Data Orchestration Engine)
  4. RubiCast (Forecasting Engine)
  5. RubiML (Prediction Engine)
  6. RubiText (Text Mining Engine)
  7. RubiSight (Visualization Engine)
  8. RubiCloud (Compute Engine)

To ensure deeper adoption and improved outcomes, Rubiscape has set-up online Developer Forums, User Communities, and Technical Support Centre providing SLA-based services to its global users.

Future Landscape

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the emergence of digitalization, Rubiscape foresees that data-driven apps will grow exponentially. Enterprises are seeking industry-specific solutions that can be embedded in the business processes and applications. It is leveraging these opportunities to bridge the gap.

With its growth strategy anchored on values such as co-creation, collaboration, and automation, Rubiscape is offering cloud-powered models, which will handle faster user activation, platform deployments, rapid scaling up, guided user journeys, self-service toolsets in a highly secure environment.

For More Details: http://www.rubiscape.com/