Syed Atif, Syed Kashif, Syed Arif and Syed Tousif (Melting Flowers) – Business Sight’s Top 10 Companies Beyond The COVID-19 Impact 2020

Creating Captivating & Vibrant Floral Designs & Decors

India is a land of diversity, during festivals the country has a lot of offers from food, clothing to traditions. The key ingredient that unites all the festivals and celebrations are flowers. Across the length and breadth of the country, Indians use a variety of flowers to design and decorate. This unique use of flowers has paved way for many flower businesses and growers.

Melting Flowers is a company that offers elegant and pulsating flower designs and decor for all kind of celebrations. It is among the leading floral designers in South India, specializing in a range of beautiful, out-of-the-box and original floral designs. It also offers professional flower arrangements to enhance the aesthetics of the atmosphere based on the client’s request.

Whether it is a wedding ceremony or a party, Melting Flowers delivers the most stunning, innovative creations that give celebrations an added zeal.

Managing the Pandemic with an Exceptional Approach

Melting Flowers was founded by three brothers who are CA alumnus – Syed Atif, Syed Kashif, and Syed Tousif, in the year 2010. In a decade, the company has grown leaps and bounds, bagging the prestigious title of the best wedding designer in South India. The company is managed by all three partners guided by their father and under their leadership, Melting Flowers has withstood the challenging coronavirus pandemic.

Since the wedding industry is among the worst hit, Melting Flowers took the precautions beforehand and undertook projects with any budget. The company even managed its workforce and kept its operations going on. This unique approach and many such projects kept the company floating and the partners ensured that the best décor was delivered.

“The Biggest strength of our company is our Work Force which is equivalent to our Family. During COVID where other companies abandoned their staff, we held on to them tightly as we knew that these are the people with whom we have grown to this level and we can also foresee that these are the people who will help us achieve future endeavors,” asserts the leaders.

Setting the Benchmark

Melting Flowers ensured its workforce is paid the best salaries that surpass the industry standards. It offers top work culture and provides the best facilities.

When dealing with clients, the company employs a flexible approach to fit their decor into a given budget. By not declining a client outright, Melting Flowers has earned the respect of several clients as it keeps innovating and creating new designs that can be delivered in the given budget.

Melting Flowers is a trendsetter in the industry.

Making Celebrations Memorable

Melting Flowers has been in the Wedding décor industry for a decade now. It is constantly trying to surpass the industry standards whether it is the new design or enhancing customer satisfaction.

Melting Flowers is a parent company to almost half a dozen other businesses that are ancillary to the wedding industry. To name a Few, Lucky Wedding Rental rents out the most exclusive wedding décor props to around 250 Wedding Planners & Flower decorators across 6 cities. Lucky Light House caters to the most unique lighting requirements for weddings such as Chandeliers, etc. Flower Fashion India is where it creates the most distinctive fresh flower wedding Garlands and they deliver it across 5 states in South India.

Melting Flowers is not stopping at this and has several projects in the pipeline which would serve as a pioneer in their stream.

Beyond Covid19

The coronavirus pandemic has left the Indian wedding industry grappling. Many changes are coming in the industry and with a limited number of gatherings and guests, the wedding budgets have taken a hit. Melting Flowers has understood the challenges and is actively finding solutions to stay afloat. Once the pandemic is over, it will be seeing a lot of big fat Indian weddings where it would be a forerunner with fresh and novel ideas.

With the company seeing excellent growth Year on Year (YoY), Melting Flowers is expecting a boost post Covid19 period. The brand-new projects it has in the pipeline are expected to be launched in 2021 and these projects are geared towards doubling the company’s footprint, set new landmarks, develop quality relationships with vendors, and increase the turnover.

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