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Designing, Building, & Optimizing Cannabis Business from Inception to Operations

As cannabis legalization reaches new heights throughout the country, so do the new business  opportunities associated with the rapidly growing cannabis sector. With the recent addition of Vermont, there are now a total of 11 states that have legalized adult use cannabis and 33 states that currently have some type of regulated  program in place. Coming up on November 3rd, voters in five additional states will decide whether to legalize medical and recreational cannabis with billions of dollars of market opportunities hanging in the balance. As a result, various companies are pushing harder than ever to work with emerging startups and current operators alike in the design, development, and deployment of commercial operations throughout the industry, providing knowledge and expertise to those looking to break into the booming legal cannabis space.

Among such fine institutions is American Cannabis Company, Inc. (ACC), a publicly traded entity on the OTC Markets (OTCQB: AMMJ) that is a full-service B2B cannabis and hemp consulting solutions provider. ACC provides industry proven solutions, including strategic planning, conceptual designs, application assistance, facility build-outs, deployment and operations management, to increase both efficiency and quality while effectively reducing the operational challenges and pitfalls of the industry, allowing the focus to remain on growing the business.

ACC is currently working on various projects throughout the United States, completing deliverables for its highly vetted and diverse client group. As a provider of end-to-end consulting services for the regulated markets, ACC can provide everything from initial business conceptualization to full on operational deployment, training, management, as well as ongoing monitoring. ACC is serving to help expand the overall global footprint of the cannabis industry for which it is spending considerable resources to boost the services it offers. Beyond ACC’s suite of consulting services, the company also provides top-tier products to the industry, including its proprietary just-add-water potting mix designed specifically for cannabis, SoHum Living Soils®, created to combat complex cannabis cultivation strategies, both at home and on a commercial scale.

Taking Cannabis to New Heights

Based in Denver, Colorado ACC was founded to meet the needs of the rapidly developing regulated cannabis industry. Initially beginning with the mission to stay at the forefront of cannabis consulting, ACC has recently extended its focus on becoming a vertically integrated multi-state operator (MSO) while promoting nationwide ACC brand licensing opportunities for operators who wish to leverage the brand name in their operations throughout the country. ACC is expecting to take on more business opportunities during this transition through its consulting line and maintain its branch of consulting services as new medical and recreational cannabis markets continue to come online.

With dedicated groups and individuals, the company will look to widen its overall presence, build its brand value, and work to align itself with partners who seek to be known as long-term players in the cannabis industry. ACC is also analyzing several strategies to diversify and expand its brand globally. The Company is continually evaluating various strategic acquisition opportunities for existing licenses across the country, as it seeks to both diversify and expand the overall brand footprint.

ACC has secured capital through its equity line and continues looking for additional capital to provide funding for its ongoing acquisition plans. Central to its growth plans, the Company is targeting markets providing easier means for publicly traded companies to own and operate licenses. As of today, the markets of most interest include Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada, Michigan, and Arizona.

The Leadership Behind Unparalleled Success

The ACC team is comprised of professionals who bring an amplitude of business and operational experience to all sectors of the regulated cannabis and commercial hemp industries. With an extensive tenure in all facets of the industry, the company has carefully selected a roster of team members consisting of individuals with diverse backgrounds who can effectively plan, execute, implement, and problem-solve. “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest,” commented Mr. Terry Buffalo, CEO and CFO of American Cannabis Company. A seasoned executive in the financial services industry, Mr. Buffalo has extensive experience including managing a hybrid FINRA broker-dealer and Registered Investment Advisor firm.

Before joining ACC in his roles as Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Buffalo began in an advisory role where he assisted the publicly traded company in navigating the regulatory environment. After rapid growth in both the cannabis industry and at ACC, Mr. Buffalo was then hired as Chief Operating Officer where he has applied his extensive business and securities knowledge to generate significant business growth and successfully secured over $12 million equity line for ACC. His ability to convey complex information in a concise and straightforward manner combined with his expertise in investment, regulatory compliance and audit responsibility positioned Mr. Buffalo to soundly execute the responsibilities of his current position at ACC as Chief Executive Officer.

 An Edge Over the Competition

ACC was founded to meet the needs of the rapidly developing cannabis industry. Established as a premier consulting firm offering end-to-end solutions for those seeking to commence or improve operations within regulated cannabis and hemp markets, the ACC brand is constantly working to stay on the cutting edge of the industry. It believes that the key to success is a delicate balance between simplicity, structure, and organization. To retain an edge over its competitors, ACC works diligently to analyze and select various key partnerships and strategic alliances for which it is able to provide itself and its clients with a top-tier array of industry solutions. “Since 2013 we have continued to provide our clients with tailored solutions that save money, time, and resources. Whether you are looking to start a cannabis business of your own, or if you seek to propel the American Cannabis Company name as a brand licensing partner, we can help,” asserts Mr. Buffalo.

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