Dr. Nagma Abbasi (Nextgen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd) – Business Sight’s Topmost Thriving Entrepreneurs to Follow 2021

The Best way to predict the future is to create it.

The biotechnology sector has become the fastest-growing sector in the industry and has been innovative. The life Sciences sector is bringing a huge transformation and is enhancing the nation’s global profile and is adding to its economy. To this and to cater the untapped opportunities in the industry, Dr. Nagma Abbasi founded NextGen Life Sciences in the year 2014 to bridge the gap between the needs and the pains of the researchers of the Life Sciences/ Biotech Industry and assist the scientists to gain insight on the recent innovation and technologies, assuring a sound knowledge of the subject matter.

Dr. Nagma Abbasi, a Dynamic Leader

Dr. Nagma Abbasi, CEO and founder of NextGen Life Sciences is leading the development and execution of long-term strategies with the vivid vision of expanding the Organization’s footprints across the global market. She has attended IMT Ghaziabad for Business Administration, A.M.U., Aligarh for Doctoral studies in Molecular Genetics and Indian Agricultural Research Institute for Post-Doc studies in Molecular Biology. She has a decade of experience working with the Esteemed Research Institutes and renowned Multinational companies in the Life Sciences/ Biotech industry across various verticals like Product management, brand management, customer segmentation and strategic marketing.

Dr. Nagma loves to spend time with people who aim high and love to exchange ideas. She always learn from her failures. She believes that if you’re not learning constantly, you are not growing and if you are not growing, you are not succeeding. Decision making plays an integral part in her life. She believes that Communication, Integrity, Accountability, Empathy, Resilience, vision, influence, positivity, delegation and confidence are the most important qualities to be a good leader.

NextGen Life Sciences, Serving Science to Transform Lives

Being a scientist, Dr. Nagma knew the pain points of Indian scientists in the Biotechnology, Life Sciences and healthcare industry. This helped her in curating the services of NextGen Life and transforming it into a successful establishment.

At first, NextGen try getting insight on the customer requirements by exchanging ideas about workflow and expected results which in turn helps them to suggest customers best possible customised solutions. Their methods of measuring success are not conventional. Dr. Nagma says, “I measure success in different scales like Conversations with clients, ROI, Conversion rate, Customer satisfaction, and others with parameters like referrals from existing clients, growth, profit from the revenue, conversion rate, sales target and a lot more of organisational benefit factors.

The organization maintains a long-term relationship with clients by providing quality services-TAT (Turnaround Time) and by managing inventories with microanalysis of basic needs of customers and addressing their problems in time with the best available solution.

Founded in the year 2014, NextGen Life Sciences follows three principles- Service, value and support. The firm aims to provide high quality and innovative products and services in time to its clients.

Innovating Proffered Services

NextGen Life sciences aim to provide innovative solutions in Reagents, Bioinformatics, Consumables and Instrumentation that are used by the researchers in scientific investigation and diagnosis. It also provides products for Cell Culture & Transfection, Cell Analysis, DNA & RNA Purification, PCR, Protein Expression & Analysis, Real-Time PCR, Gene Expression Analysis and Genotyping, RNAi, Synthetic Biology, Sequencing, Cancer Research, Drug Discovery and development, epigenetics and Services for sequencing and Next-Generation Sequencing.

A Glimpse of Future

NextGen is keen to bring innovations in Biotechnology like Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) in clinical laboratories, NGS Data analysis and interpretation of unknown genetic variants. It has embarked its presence in North India and is looking forward to expanding its business in West and South India. The firm is excited about CRISPR technology and the application. The CRISPR technology is simple and a powerful tool for editing genomes. The company also aims to add more of its own-brand products of international standards as some products has been already launched last year and have been greatly appreciated by clients.

NextGen is also researching complex analytical challenges in the food, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, environment, industrial and clinical research. The mission to discover and deliver high-quality products with excellent services to help millions live a better and healthy life makes the company unique and stand out.

Emblem of Excellence

Dr. Nagma Abbasi has been an excellent leader and her achievement in the last 6 years has been remarkable. Her growth has been consistent all through the years and she has been felicitated with numerous awards. Here are a few awards she has been felicitated with:

  1. India’s Inspirational Leader 2020 by WCRC.
  2. Decisive Women Leaders 2020 by Business APAC.
  3. India 500 CEO Awards 2020
  4. Entrepreneur of the Year Biotechnology and Healthcare Industry 2020 by Power Brands.
  5. Listed as India’s Most influential CEO of the Year 2020 - Life Sciences by Corporate Vision Magazine, UK
  6. Listed among 30 Most Influential CEO to watch Year 2020 by CIO Bulletin.
  7. Featured by Forbes India among Top 10 Women Entrepreneurs of India 2020.

NextGen is growing consistently in all terms including revenue, profitability and clients. NextGen Life Sciences has made its presence in the industry and is spreading in branches all across the nation.

For More Details: http://www.nextgenlife.com/