Ashutosh Das (BookSquirrel Publication) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Dynamic Leaders to Watch in 2021

Pakistani activist for female education, the youngest Nobel Prize laureate and writer Malala Yousafzai rightfully asserted, ''Let us remember, “One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.''

It underlines the eternal value of books being a connecting bridge for knowledge and empowerment. That's how a well-red man can travel the whole world without moving his feet to gain wisdom!

India has the treasure of the glorious sagas in the world's most ancient language called Sanskrit, in which classical manuscripts have been composed. We are amongst those blessed people who can proudly cherish our splendid legacy.

We are a country where some of the books by prominent authors have shaped the thoughts and minds of millions. These books, poems will elevate the spirit of numerous generations to come. No wonder India has ranked amongst the top seven publishing nations in the world, with more than 19,000 publishers.

The digital revolution has led to a global upsurge in e-publishing platforms, and publication houses specifically in India were striving to raise their standards, attract more book readers, and elevate the sales at the same time!

Even so, many talented writers and poets find it so tough to get their decent  creations to be published and reach a large number of readers.  BookSquirrel Publication is striking a good balance with offering the right platform for writers across the country to publish their content in English, Hindi, and various regional languages filling the void of fresh content for enthusiastic readers. This Indore, MP based publication house has received many accolades being one of the most approachable publishing houses offering customizable yet affordable packages.

The Founder

The founder of BookSquirrel Publication, Mr. Ashutosh Das, is a young lad from a small town of Bihar with big dreams to chase.  Ashutosh is an avid reader and also had a sheer passion for graphic designing and writing as well.

While working as a designer, he witnessed how a writer faces a series of hurdles to get the content to be published. He was determined to come up with simplified solutions.

A group of like-minded people from the writing and compiling community came together to support the idea. And that's how BookSquirrel Publication was shaped.

A writer by heart, storyteller, Compiler, Performer, Publisher who is determined to give wings to the dreams of aspiring writers and help them to get their work published with ease. Ashutosh is focused on delivering a smart package for publishing the content on the online and offline platforms under a single roof. Being a compassionate person and a good listener, he has developed strong relationships with both authors and literary agents.

While facing all the challenges to score success and meet exceptional quality standards, he has got the much -needed support of his childhood friend Kshitij Gour who joined BookSquirrel Publication as a co-founder The journey so far has been a great learning experience for everyone at BookSquirrel Publication from the day of its inception.

The one of a kind services

Fuelling dreams of writer and meeting readers expectations both are equally justified at  BookSquirrel Publication. Even a writer with a story /some write-ups or a compiler compiling an anthology gets customized packages for zero investment.

While solo packages offer the customize option based on the clients' budget. Every submitted manuscript from the writer undergoes a meticulous process of editing, formatting, and proofreading.

BookSquirrel Publication has built a strong network of book distribution services which enables it to render a high quality with exclusively designed covers and book formatting.  The writer can avail the customization right from the size of books to the type of texture and colour of the print.

The Team

BookSquirrel Publication comprises a team of more than 15 members with hands-on expertise. It has three noted units working under the brand ‘BookSquirrel.’


Headed by Rubal Choudhary, she actively supports Writers' Community to publish its anthologies with ease.


A unit working towards building a community of writers with weekly challenges and goodies.


Soon to be launched unit, where quality content is promoted from the subscribers to boost their creativity.

BookSquirrel Publication presents books with various sorts of genres ranging from Anthology to solo books such as Fiction, Non-Fiction, Educational, Short Collection of Stories or poems. It also delivers printing and shipping facilities as per print on demand basis with as low as one book order with national distribution via different sites like Amazon, Flipkart, BooksClub, etc. while worldwide distribution via Amazon global.

Acknowledgment and Awards:

BookSquirrel Publication is renowned as one of the few publication houses which is the 'foremost choice of writers having popular demand in readers’ with Unmatched quality at every aspect of planning, designing, and maintaining a bond of trust with authors and readers has made a mark of its own in the publishing industry.

Mr. Ashutosh Das has received many acknowledgments and awards for his futuristic vision and innovation. Some of them are:

-SiliconIndia 10 most promising Publication title for 2020 (The first title won by BookSquirrel Publication )

-‘Indian Inspirational Award’ by Anandshree Organization

-‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ by the Indian Achievers Forum and Kalam Foundation

-An awardee by Ne8x in Litfest 2020

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