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Revealing the Relevant Story of Lifestyle Brands

It was once presumed that Public Relation (PR) was a dark art wholly focused on objective of persuasion. This singular objective is what plagued the category with such missives as “spin doctors” “snail oil peddlers” and “false advertisers”. The assumption being: if you’re persuading without merit, you’re misleading.

It’s not why the people at Blaze PR got in the business. They enjoy PR because they understand brands that make to market are indeed serving a need, a gap, a niche. Entrepreneurs do not create products in a vacuumed. Almost always they are solving a problem. So the real skill of a publicist in not manufacturing a need, it’s highlighting a need through context and storytelling.

Today, more than ever, context is key. Why? Because consumers are savvy. They want to know where ingredients are sourced, how workforces are treated, and all the scientifically-verified benefits. Consumers better understand their purchasing power and how to wield it. Still, the contextual layers go even deeper. It’s not just about eating that non-GMO, fair trade, organic oatmeal. It’s about how to eat that oatmeal in a ceramic bowl made by artisans following a gratitude meditation with the morning light providing enriching vitamin D. Most brands, the good brands, have an aspiring story to share in the right hands.

Blaze PR provides those capable hands through honed communication strategies that are beneficial for both organizations and people. It is a go-to PR partner for lifestyle brands hungry for a real piece of the market share. The firm engages brands’ audience by revealing the relevant story, brining together like minds and synergistic partnerships, and serving with relish to key media and influencers that satiate consumer cravings, and savor in its clients’ wins.

Blaze PR is the master of storytelling. The way they narrate is geared towards enhancing reputations through the media, social media, and direct communication. By analyzing its clients and the media landscape, the company finds positive messaging and crafts such stories that resonate If things go south for its clients, Blaze PR reshapes, remolds, and restructure whole narrate and bring the positive side of the incident.

Blaze PR’s unique way of storytelling is the driving force behind its extraordinary success since 1990. It is one of the highly sought-after PR agencies in the world.

Retaining its Crown

Blaze PR stays ahead of the curve with the following self-identified characteristics:

  1. GREEDY - Good isn’t good enough.
  2. SCRAPPY - We battle for the best ideas.
  3. NIMBLE - Can turn on a dime.
  4. TESTED - Deep bench of experience, from beta to launch.
  5. GEEKY - We nerd-out on analytics.
  6. OBSESSED - With coming out on top.

“We are the boutique agency of choice for lifestyle brands hungry for a real piece of the market share. At Blaze PR, we put strategy back in PR. Our media efforts are meaty, creative, and on-point because they’re backed by a thoughtful process that considers the state of our clients’ worlds,” states Mr. Matt Kovacs – President of Blaze PR.

The Most Trusted PR Agency through the Time

Blaze PR has been managing national and regional PR for more than three decades now. Clients trust its ability to create relevancy, allowing it to maintain positive, reciprocal relationships with media contacts. When media contacts are contacted about a brand, pitch or story, they know Blaze PR is offering a uniquely packaged story that is assured to resonate with their readers.

The agency safe keeps trust by playing both roles of – extension of clients’ team, from the viewpoint of accessibility and sense of investment, and strategic advisors, offering insights from a different/outside lens.

“BLAZE holds a broad space as a lifestyle agency that specializes in creating meaningful connections with brands and consumers, applying media/influencers as the bridge between the two,” added Kovacs. “We evaluate every announcement and campaign through a lens ‘how does this fill a gap?’ and ‘how can we tap current trends, chatter, technologies, and platforms to amplify awareness?’ Our joy and energy come from our ability to continue to evolve and be strategic. We do not believe in peddling releases for purely SEO purposes. We understand that the ultimate goal is driving sales,” asserts Kovacs.

The Persona behind Agency’s Creative & Meaty Strategies

Mr. Kovacs is one of California's most respected consumer PR strategists, putting his more than two decades of experience in strategic thinking and unique approaches to working for recognized brands and start-ups as the President and senior strategist at Blaze PR.

In recent years, Mr. Kovacs and his team at Blaze have been recognized for their leadership in consumer PR, taking home Hermes Awards, Communicator Award, PRSA Prism, and Silver Quill Awards.

Mr. Kovacs understands the opportunities and challenges each client faces. He leads his team to develop innovative, influential programs to overcome these obstacles and successfully achieve clients' business objectives.

Meaty & Creative Offerings for Hungry Brands

Blaze PR is the go-to partner for lifestyle brands hungry for a real piece of the market share. Fresh and seasoned, the boutique agency is comprised of veteran practitioners who stay one step ahead of trends and will not rest on the laurels of past successes. The company has done it all before, failed, prevailed, and it knows the difference.

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