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“VisualBest was born to do two things - help clients tell amazing stories and help creatives get paid to do what they love”

Digital marketing has changed the game of the conventional marketing and advertising industry to a large extent. Marketing and advertising of any kind of product and services are delivered utilising the digital channels such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile apps which have a global reach and audience at a broad level.

Needless to say, it is imperative to raise the standards to reach and influence the extended audience using advanced tools and innovative content altogether.

Graphic designing is the far most significant element of all kinds of digital marketing. An outstanding design has the power to engage the audience to build brand awareness and influence the decision-making process.

The adage, "A picture is worth a thousand words", rightly asserts the impeccable ability of visuals to capture the attention and remains in the memory for a long. So, graphic designing is the ultimate medium of successful mass communication leaving an indelible impression. Striking visuals portray a story without words.

The marketing world now has understood the value of having quality graphic designs for successful digital marketing campaigns.

VisualBest, a leading graphic design agency of Ghaziabad, has been curated a prominent position in the industry catering to multiple businesses in the field of design, video creation, info- graphics, web development, and social media marketing.

Santosh Kushwaha, an artist by heart has founded VisualBest in 2016, with a desire and determination to deliver value-added services. It has accomplished over 2,500 projects for domestic and international clients across various countries as well.

The Founder:

Mr. Santosh had that sheer affection for art since early childhood. Despite coming from an impoverished family, he was eager to turn his passion into a profession. Immediately after securing a bachelor's degree in BFA, from BHU with flying colours, got a chance to kick start the career with Amar Ujala Newspaper, Noida in 2005. While working with various organizations for more than 8 years, he gathered experience and learned advanced skills.

Mr. Santosh was widely acknowledged as a talented and innovative graphic artist. While working with India Today Group as an Assistant Art Director, he received the first recognition as one of the “World’s Top 17 Info-graphic Designers” in early 2013.

He could not resist the chance to take up the pouring-in offers to work with an exciting opportunity and expand the client network. So, he ultimately chose to be a freelance graphic designer.

An artist is a free-spirited soul; he visualizes and expresses his thoughts in an uninhibited way. Mr. Santosh always had a desire to build a dream work culture encouraging the creative abilities of the designers and meeting the clients' expectations always.

As he was offered multiple projects and assignments, there was a huge need for more creative people working as a team. That's how VisualBest has started its voyage towards delivering       quality-driven services with 20 versatile talents as well as around 30 people from all over India, working remotely for B2B and B2C clients.

The Services

The customer can have the real alike experience of the product before actually buying it through great visuals with impeccable designs. Striking designs and creative curated by the expertise in the industry coupled with the right strategies can fetch more customers.

At VisualBest, all the digital marketing services are offered like Explainer videos, whiteboard videos, website development, UI/UX designs, illustrations, info- graphics, social media creativity, magazine layouts, e-books, report designs, social media marketing, advertisements, packaging designs, and interactive, digital and print ads under the roof.

Rendering a fresh approach to digital marketing, VisualBest offers high-quality videos and animated video in various styles that include animated video production, motion graphics, whiteboard animation, 2D and 3D animated videos, promotional videos, character animation, motion graphics, fluid animation, B-roll, and mixed media videos.

Along with targeting and connecting with the right customer, VisualBest is consistently delivering unmatched quality with timely delivery to all their clients. As a positive outcome, it has been getting most of the projects based out of the USA.

VisualBest has been retaining the existing customer by maintaining the trust and growing the client base. At the time of inception, it had revenue of around 30 lakhs per annum and now it has grown into a 2crore+ company.

It has not left any stone unturned when it comes to offer the all 360° services with script writing, storyboarding, voice over as per clients' product and requirement.

Awards and Recognitions:

VisualBest is renowned as the finest graphic designing companies illustrating the brand story to enthral the customer and fetch more website traffic and improved sales performance.

It has been listed among the prestigious “10 Most Promising Explainer Video Production Companies 2020,” by Silicon India Business Magazine.

Also achieved the rank #9 and #7 as India’s Top Digital Marketing Agency on Clutch and The Manifest  review  platforms respectively.

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