Chetan Nagaonkar (eStomi Technologies) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Trusted Brands of the Year 2021

A Thought Leader in IT Service Management & Business Service Management (ITSM & BSM) Niche

IT infrastructure of all organizations needs several changes from a support or service group. Such changes are transformational as IT infrastructure is reorganized making it more technology-focused and hence, efficient and service-oriented. ITSM supports organizations to leverage processes to deliver IT services to their clients with ease.

Offering unparalleled consultancy services to help and provide the best ITSM & BSM solutions to its clients, eStomi Technologies is a leading firm in ITSM & BSM sphere. It is one of the fastest-growing consulting firms that firmly believes in value contribution to its clients.

With rocksteady belief in the adage – Differentiate or Die, eStomi Technologies is fully committed to ITSM & BSM consulting. It has an exclusive focus on core expertise and therefore, has become a trusted adviser and the most preferred partner across the globe offering top-notch consulting services in the niche.

Headquartered in Bengaluru, India, the company has a global presence. It has multiple clients in the US, Australia, Europe, East Africa, and India.

Stellar Entrepreneur

eStomi Technologies was founded by Chetan Nagaonkar in Jun 2011 to implement effective IT Service Management solutions. Unlike most of the other start-ups that are into providing all IT services, it is explicitly into offering ITSM implementations and complex integrations. It has implemented the solutions with the likes of Flipkart, Ericsson, Tech M, Wipro, Thomas Cook, Aditya Birla Group, etc.

Chetan started eStomi Technologies with a mission to contribute towards his clients’ business lifecycle by offering scalable and cost-effective solutions, enabling clients to realize their business objectives effectively & efficiently.

Chetan’s Exclusive Pointers for Budding Entrepreneurs

  1. Passion combined with risks can give amazing outcomes
  2. There is indeed a joy in giving back to society in whatever form one can
  3. Enjoy the journey instead of only focusing on the results. It does not make sense to come out of rat race of jobs and lose your sleep and happiness by getting into rat race of start-ups
  4. One learns to read people better after starting a business and can fairly understand who prays or plays for your success
  5. Your past titles and success may not mean and help when you start. Be ready to start from scratch and expect no help, even your close people
  6. Be fearless and unconventional, wherever required

“Don’t get into starting a business just because you are fed up with your manager or do not feel like reporting into someone. Get into it if you intend to demonstrate servant leadership and only when you are sure not to give up regardless of challenges,” he states.

Giving Back to the Society

Growing up on the borders of Karnataka and Maharashtra in a Tier IV city, Chetan always considered Nipani as his home even though he has been in Bangalore for the past 22 years. For his hometown, he wanted to do something and when he expressed his interest to his brother, generating jobs locally seemed like the best idea.

A trip to a nearby engineering college proved fruitful and the brothers onboarded a few people. With this local talent, a small office was set up at Nipani, and training was imparted by Bengaluru’s team.

In six months, the team was tech-ready.

The team also contributed toward planting trees, blood donations, and providing food during the pandemic to the needy people. They also donated a few items to an orphanage.

Upscaling a key Challenge

“We had our own shares of challenges and mass poaching by large companies while growing. Hence, we have kept a very low profile for the past 5-6 years. We were into services for the first 7-8 years and past 2-3 years, we have productized a solution based on the experience and best practices that we have learned in the process. We have 2 verticals – ‘Consulting’ division that offers services to our clients and we have few employees working onsite with the clients and ‘R&D’ division focusing to develop a world-class Service Management platform called tussom,” states Chetan.

Future Landscape

eStomi Technologies is looking forward to maximizing the value and minimizing the complexity of its clients for the ITSM and BSM journey. It is revolutionizing the way SM tool is being used by introducing different value-added features and hopes to help it for tracking issues and services in a few years.

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