Laszlo Dellei (Kerubiel) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Dynamic Leaders To Watch In 2021

Specialist in the Provision of ICT & Information Security & Privacy Solutions

The world is shifting towards digital as the technology is making several advancements. The businesses need a seasoned specialist in the niche to avert basic problems and eliminate common issues to successfully expand their business across the globe. Since counseling is highly competitive, numerous players are offering varied services. However, businesses require specialized, personal, effective solutions that can leverage the growth and Kerubiel Consulting is among such firms that specialize in providing personalized solutions to the clients.

The overall goal of Kerubiel is to serve as a focal point for experts and companies seeking expertise alike. The company operates as a pool of highly professional experts, it is a cooperation of interconnected areas such as IT, ICTs, information security, and data protection. Based on this ground, Kerubiel provides counselling in the fields of IT and information security, and data protection. Recently, the company has been focusing on Cyber Threat Intelligence software systems with Industrial Control System specifics and related services, and developed an award-winning product, a Cyber Intel Matrix Platform providing dynamic defense capabilities. On the other hand, the company operates as a scientific workshop focusing on research and development projects connected to new technologies, such as AI and VR. One of the main research projects aims to develop a virtual and augmented reality application to be tested with rehabilitation patients with upper body motor impairment particularly of the hands, fingers, wrists and forearms. Furthermore, as a member of the Hungarian AI Coalition, Kerubiel contributed to the Hungarian AI strategy adopted last year. Finally, it is worth mentioning, that forced or rushed digital transformation during the pandemic has surfaced many challenges concerning information security. Thus, Kerubiel has launched the Hungarian Cyber ​​Security Aid (HCSA) initiative with the primary aim to support and provide the healthcare sector with adequate information on forecasting and preventing attacks.

Shaping the Journey

Incorporated in the year 2017 by Mr. László György Dellei – CEO of the Kerubiel Consulting, the mission of Kerubiel has always been the merger of expertise to offer complex, personalized, and rapid assistance to its clients, and to provide a small, but ambitious forum for experts willing to cooperate and to exchange, widen, and improve their knowledge and skills. Mr. Dellei has managed to establish a large pool of clientele ranging from Small & Medium-sized Enterprises to giant and multinational corporations. He has ensured that his company serves a variety of actors from healthcare, insurance and finance, and other sectors. Under the leadership of Mr. Dellei, Kerubiel is strongly reliant on its experts covering different fields, such as data protection, IT security, and research and development.

Mr. Dellei has enabled a culture where the company acts as a professional and scientific forum as his employees are an expert in his or her field of interest and he empowers them to share their views and experiences to contribute to the ongoing discussions on various topics. He translated the workplace into a professional powerhouse where employees cooperate with a vast network of collaborating experts. Participation in various training and post-graduate programs is encouraged as this unique approach to lifelong learning has always been a guiding principle of his life and enables his employees to stay up-to-date with knowledge.

Astounding Leadership

Mr. Dellei and his team has numerous certifications to his name such as CISA, CISM, CGEIT, CRISC, CISSP, CEH, OSCP, C|CISO, OSCE, CSA, CCSE, OSA, MCDBA, MCSE Security, Certified Expert witness (DS, ICT). He is a leading expert in the fields of ICT, information security and data protection in Hungary. He also active in the Hungarian Chapter of ISACA, becoming the GDPR envoy of ISACA HQ in 2019, and the Privacy Spokesperson in 2020. Recently, he has obtained his postgraduate certificate as a professional expert in data protection and data security (ELTE Institute for Postgraduate Legal Studies).

“Counseling is a highly competitive market where many actors seek to reach clients first. With the application of the GDPR, competition has become even stronger.  As a start-up, there is always the risk that one finds a “bigger fish”, yet, this hurdle may be overcome with following three simple principles. The first is patience which is necessary for a firm and successful advancement. Success is not immediate, it comes in time if the company applies a well-defined strategy. The CEO needs to be open to cooperation.  Even small entities, such as start-ups may even outrun the big players if they utilize and complement their expertise for their own and the clients’ benefit.

“Finally, a CEO shall value adaptability which is crucial on a market that is reliant on new technologies, new applications or solutions. The ever-changing technology is a very important aspect of our work, it is the driving force towards innovation. On the other hand, advances in this field also pose challenges. Thus, with the right attitudes, such as open-mindedness, and with a strong determination towards self-development, these challenges might easily be overcome,” asserts Mr. Dellei.

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