Maitrey Mudkavi (Shodh Advanced Technologies) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Trusted Brands of the Year 2021

Innovatively disrupting the conventional Pharma Talent Acquisition process.

Over the years as HR as a function has matured, Talent Acquisition within HR has evolved and hence, a strong talent demand has emerged. Timely recruiting of highly skilled talent is spurting the growth of industry at large especially the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industry. The fierce competition among industries to hire top talent has paved the way for the talent ecosystem to form streamlined processes that save on countless hours of planning and resources. Therefore, the term talent acquisition gained huge recognition in recent years and today’s industries consult talent acquisition specialists for acquiring highly skilled talent to meet their business demands.

Among such fine establishments is SHODH AdvanTech – a knowledge-based organization driven by its core values. It offers need-based services to the Pharma and Biotech industry with an exclusive blend of customization that perfectly honors all the Talent-Skill requirements of its clients. Because of this unique proposition and innovative solutions, SHODH AdvanTech has emerged as a trusted partner for several leading Pharmaceutical & Biotech organisations pan India with over 500 student success stories.

Today, SHODH offers skilled talent in QC, QA, R&D, Manufacturing, Regulatory Affairs, Microbiology and Engineering. SHODH has been instrumental in helping its clients achieve savings >75% on their onboarding and training costs needed to upgrade a fresher into a work-ready professional.

“We source a novice fresher and recruit a Skilled Professional. A win-win for the industry and academia”, SHODH’s modus operandi.

An Establishment of a Visionary

Even though a start-up established in 2016, SHODH AdvanTech’s roots date back to 1996-97 when Mr. Ashok Mudkavi decided to start an HR company. The prime focus of this company was on Talent Acquisition for the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, and Engineering companies.

During then, an HR company’s perception was more of a foreign concept especially in a Tier II industrial town like Aurangabad. The industry perception, however, did not deter Ashok and he went ahead with his passion and vision.

The vision bore fruits when Ashok passionately connected the dots every single day by maintaining personal contact with every employer and employee.

Keeping the Essence Intact

After the unfortunate and untimely demise of Ashok, his son, Maitrey Mudkavi, took charge of the baton in 2005. An Electronics Engineer by education, Maitrey added another trinket to the company’s name by integrating allied services focusing further on Talent Management and Development. The fine addition of new service was like a new dawn and an exemplary integration to the exiting Talent Acquisition Service while keeping the essence same.

New Integrations to Scale the Requirements

Mr. Maitrey started with SHODH HR and Service in 2011. It is a specialized vertical for technical and non-technical Learning and Development for the Pharma and Engineering industry across Aurangabad, Nashik, Pune, and Mumbai. This directed the foundation for SHODH AdvanTech. The learners received the service with warm hearts and it was an overnight success thanks to its excellent concept, coverage of training topics on Industry requirements and access to trainers of national and international fame. Over 35,000 man-hours of quality learning was delivered to over 150 different organizations within 5 years into domain skills, soft skills, leadership, and team capability enhancement.

Managing Partners

SHODH AdvanTech is administrated by three partners:

  1. Rajani Mudkavi – Founder Partner & Chief Mentor. Having spent more than 35 years in leading Pharma companies heading Quality Assurance and Quality Control Laboratory operations, she also spent a lot of time interviewing fresh talent for her teams. The lack of basic domain skills in the freshers was the driving force behind pursuing her dream project. She happily retired from her corporate role and became an entrepreneur to give back what she had acquired over these years. Today, she enjoys mentoring aspiring young professionals fresh out of university and helps them develop strong domain skills and an immaculate attitude.
  2. Maitrey Mudkavi – Founder Partner & Business Head. He is an HR by Passion, Engineer by Vocation, and Entrepreneur by Choice. With over 15 years of Operational experience, he heads the Business Operations and is responsible for Industry and Academic collaborations. He works closely with SHODH’s corporate clients and academic partners in bridging the talent gap. He enjoys creating innovative learning solutions tailored to the business demands.
  3. Sharda Atre Mudkavi – Founder Partner & Content Head. A professional Environmental Architect and an Academician at heart, she designs training modules especially into creativity, soft skills, and early leadership development.

Tackling the Covid19 Pandemic

“This Covid19 phase has been really challenging, especially with the academic cycle going for a complete toss. Our pedagogy of Students learning hands-on domain skills through research projects had to be curtailed due to various restrictions and social distancing norms,” states Maitrey.

For this, the company has migrated majority of its learning processes online via pre-recorded and live sessions.

Future Landscape

SHODH AdvanTech is evolving into an integrated Pharma Talent Company backed with advanced Technology and IT backbone.

Starting this year, SHODH is offering its clients Talent Outsourcing solutions where the client can decide to develop and outsource talent, customized to its business demands. SHODH is further integrating the latest technology and AI in a greater way to offer industry and academia advanced service offerings, is the current WIP right now. “Future looks Exciting and Promising”, asserts SHODH’s young team.

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