Aarthi Suresh (Creators Cage Architects) – The Top Most Successful Business Women to Watch in 2021

The Best Craftsmen of Residences, Offices, Institutions & Commercial Projects. We are a very friendly firm both to our team as well as our clients.

 The art of crafting aesthetically pleasing spaces is one of the booming industries. Enhancing the interiors to achieve aesthetics is rapidly developing in India as more and more people are seeking beauty in their homes. Because of the Covid19 pandemic, people are spending more time at home and interior designers are unleashing their creativity and undertaking daunting challenges. Decorating Interior spaces is a rage these days.

The thought of becoming an industry leader and willingness to experience the challenges of being entrepreneurs, two talented, ardent, and enthusiastic minds came together and founded a firm to offer the best craftsmanship in designing niche. Creators Cage is a creative Architectural and Interior Design organization that firmly believes in providing creative solutions to a wide range of projects and strives hard to deliver great designs. Thanks to its out-of-the-box ideas, the company has etched its name in the industry.

Today, Creators Cage Architects is recognized for its strong reputation, unswerving righteousness, and disciplined work ethic. All these qualities are reflected in the edifices that it has built and the respect and trust that it continues to enjoy from the words of its clients.


Ar. Aarthi Suresh – Principal Architect & CEO  of Creators Cage Architects, is the face behind the company’s unparalleled Designs. Aspired to be an architect at the tender age of 15, she learned everything about art and architecture. A dedicated persona to arts, crafts, perfection, and DIY Home Décor, Aarthi is engrossed in designing homes for people and enjoys every moment of it. Her inclinations are towards Residential and spatial planning of Residences, Landscaping, and Interiors.

At Creators Cage Architects, she is tasked with developing designs that will woo the clients. Since her biggest strength is extreme creativity, she delivers plans that exceed clients’ expectations. Her efforts and hard work are mirrored in the building, leaving clients impressed and the impact enriches her and the company’s reputation.

“We deliver them with the visual model of what they desire to have and deliver them with the same in real. Appreciation from the clients keeps me going and serving more in this field,” states Aarthi.


When Creators Cage Architects was established, people in the industry believed that the team was too young. They all failed to see the guts, the potential, the self-confidence, and the willpower the team had besides having the ability and the efficiency to take up projects based on the knowledge it developed in itself.

Aarthi had to juggle hats during the initial days as the company was developing its business from scratch. She sailed through the rough time with sheer perseverance and consistency. The hurdles kept coming one after another, and she recalls how the team had to sacrifice basic needs to keep the company running and growing through this stage.

“Failures are a stepping stone to success. Failures don’t put you down rather help you to learn from your mistakes. Continuous practice makes you successful. The will power and the self-confidence to face any problem has been the biggest challenge to have overcome. That is when it made me think Age was just a number,” states Aarthi.


“From just a small hope to start a company to 2 of us back in June 2017, we have grown to a firm of about 40 - 50 employees. We consider our team to be the biggest asset to our company. Our Company comprises of Architects, Designers& Visualizers, Engineers, Carpenters & Technicians, Sales and Marketing, Business Development and R&D,” says Aarthi.

At Creators Cage Architects, Aarthi ensured there is no concept of being superior or inferior. Everyone is always open to learning and keeping themselves up-to-date with current trends. This trait extends to the office staff as well, because Aarthi believes in being a good guide rather than a boss and therefore, building one of its kind of environment.

From seeking projects from known people to building a company that is renowned for its craftsmanship, Aarthi takes immense pride in her and her team’s persistent and continuous hard work. From an annual turnover of 12 lakhs in 2017 to few crores, Creators Cage Architects has continued growing amidst the pandemic.


Putting customer satisfaction at the forefront of every delivery, Creators Cage Architects offers the following one-stop expertise to the clients:

  1. Planning, Designing and Construction of Residential Apartments, Individual villas, Hospitality, and Commercial Projects.
  2. Architectural Visualization and Turnkey Interior Designing.
  3. Luxury Residential, Hotels and Resorts, Commercial and office space interiors.
  4. Furniture and Product Designs.

The company has also started a new venture SAK Biz Group, under the streams of Education , Career & Personality Development, which includes 5 companies– Creators Cage Architects, SK Houzz, Art n Arch Design Studio, FIT HR Solutions, and Inspire Tech Academy to take the offerings to new heights. The venture also has  future  plans to grow business in the food and fashion industry.

For More Details: http://creatorscage.com/