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Offering the Most Innovative, Well-researched, & Meticulously Planned Strategies & Solutions

With more than a million enrolled advocates across the country, the Indian legal profession is one of the largest in the world. The profession is undergoing a huge transformation as the excellence in different spheres of the practices is pushing the boundaries. With technological and other developments, the profession has international reputation and it is only climbing higher.

The noble profession is assessed by standards of legal ethics that are integral part of the Indian legal profession. With development and ethics, the Indian legal profession has experienced steady growth. In the country, it is one of the most influential professions especially since it involves the governance of the country. It reflects the diversity and ethics of Indian society and delivers timely services.

Encompassing all the key values of the profession, Rajeshwari & Associates began its journey back in 2010 to provide high quality, cost-effective, hassle-free services, and pragmatic solutions with short turn-around time to clients, working in tandem with our associates and paying attention to the minutest detail, for purposeful protection of their ideas and innovations.

The firm is committed to providing quality legal advice and seamless services to clients. Thanks to its exceptional services for more than a decade, Rajeshwari & Associates has become one of the most preferred Intellectual Property Law firms in India. It became the preferred firm to several clients thanks to its dedicated professionals that has a perfect blend of youth and experience.

Paving the Path to Quality Legal Services

Directing the operations of the firm is Ad. Rajeshwari Hariharan – Founder & Managing Director of Rajeshwari & Associates. Before finding the firm, she has been practicing as an advocate before the courts in Delhi High Court and Supreme Court of India. She spearheaded the patent litigation practice and was instrumental in managing and growing the patents team in a reputed and leading Delhi-based law firm.

Rajeshwari practiced counseling on issues relating to patent and other intellectual property rights and practice. This included including rendering patentability opinions, drafting technology transfer and know-how agreements, licenses, assignments along with prosecution of patent applications in the field of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and biochemistry.

She started her venture with a vision to create a firm where practical advice is given to people promptly. Rajeshwari & Associates’ vision is to be the leading, trusted, and reliable law firm by excelling for its clients at every level. It strives to be the standard for excellence in the field of Intellectual property.

Backed with her vision, mission, and experience, Rajeshwari & Associates soon became a synonym of excellence and quality services in the country.

Tackling & Overcoming Challenges

Starting a venture is always a daunting task. It was not exceptional for Rajeshwari as the number of women layers or firms run by women is only a few. The fact did not deter her and with an enormous amount of conviction that she was doing the right thing and the zeal to feel an incredible freedom and opportunity coming with being an independent lawyer enticed her. The foundation held strong and she founded her firm.

“We have faced challenges galore – but have kept going. We have had some very challenging assignments – such as the first compulsory license in India. We strategized it right from the beginning till the end and argued the matter in-house to win at all for a right from the Patent office to Supreme Court. The verdict is not only just the first-ever compulsory license but the first ever that was adjudicated by a court of law. It is the first granted in India and is the first of its kind for liver cancer. The grant of compulsory license has been historic as it has helped to save the lives of millions of people affected by liver and kidney cancer. There have been many other achievements in this line and these are the ones that keep us going,” asserts Rajeshwari.

Rajeshwari retains a vast and rich experience in carrying out due diligence and handling of patent oppositions, revocations, and appeals before the Patent Office and other higher authorities. She currently handles patent and other litigations at the Supreme Court of India and various High Courts across India.

Bringing a Change with Leadership

“We can flourish only when our talent will grow. So, we will be focusing on nurturing and growing talent within the firm. Because we plan to expand to new practice areas and integrate new talent, we believe the firm will achieve new heights; as we grow from strength to strength, our clients would also be benefitted as they would have all advice at one place instead of having to go from pillar to post,” states Rajeshwari.

Rajeshwari puts her budding talent first along with clients. This creates a sense of cool and yet intense culture that sets the firm apart from others.

Not only she focuses on young talent but also the incorporation of new technology. Under her leadership, the firm will be concentrating on the emerging areas in IP, including AI interface between competition law and IP. She plans to employ lateral talent and expand the practices in all these new spheres.

Rajeshwari’s Stellar Achievements

With her rich experience, Rajeshwari authors several articles and also is a regular speaker at various conferences and seminars in India and across the globe. Her achievements and recognitions are as below:

  1. Rated by Chambers and Partners and Intellectual Asset Management magazine as one of the leading patent lawyers in the country
  2. Negotiated patent licensing transactions
  3. Obtained the initial patents in India for genes and micro-organisms
  4. Won numerous patent oppositions for Indian and foreign clients
  5. Acted in the first-ever challenge to EMR (exclusive marketing rights) on behalf of Natco Pharma Limited in India
  6. Won the Basmati and Neem revocations filed by the Government of India at the US Patent office
  7. Won the first-ever compulsory license granted to an Indian company. – this was granted for a drug called sorafenib which is used to treat liver and kidney cancer. It is the only compulsory license to be granted in India

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