Manisha Karmarkar (Ruby Hall Clinic) – The Top Most Successful Business Women to Watch in 2021

A Healthcare Destination where Medical Expertise Blends with Compassion and Personalised Care

The Indian healthcare industry is one of the biggest industries in the country in terms of both revenue and employment. Its competitive edge lies in the large pool of well-trained medical professionals and the advancement of technology. AI, smart devices, telemedicine, etc., are unlocking new opportunities. These advancements have made the healthcare industry more than just a simple doctor-patient interaction.

Leveraging the latest technology and medical expertise, Ruby Hall Clinic – a Pune-based healthcare centre, is redefining patient care. Established in 1959 in the heart of Pune, the hospital began with only four beds and today, it is a multi-specialty centre. For its outstanding clinical outcomes, exceptional service and patient care, the hospital has been accredited with 9 NABH and NABL certifications, and a cGreen OT certification among others.


Dr. Manisha Karmarkar, Chief Operating Officer of Ruby Hall Clinic, is on a mission to make a difference in the lives of people as she has seen both sides of the table — as a doctor and as a leader.

Armed with a degree in Anaesthesiology and an MBA in healthcare, Dr. Manisha is the first woman COO in Ruby Hall Clinic’s 60-year-old history. She shattered the glass ceiling with her personalised leadership style, passion, and unique way of engaging with her team and patients. In fact, Dr. Karmarkar has been responsible for the dramatic financial turnaround of the organisation, for designing award-winning patient programmes and green initiatives and for sustaining high patient-satisfaction rates at the hospital.

“Professionally, my goals at the hospital focus on providing unsurpassed quality, unique technology, and an unparalleled healthcare experience for patients. I am working hard to build a more integrated system to achieve better health, better care, and more joy for those providing care as well. By harnessing technology, I’m looking to create the kind of experience around accessible healthcare that is valuable for people, allows them to achieve health goals they set for themselves and to do it in a way that is affordable to them,” asserts Dr. Manisha.


Coming from humble beginnings and looking at both her father and brother donning the white coat, their sentiment towards the noble cause of healthcare inspired her and is reflected in the way Dr. Manisha delivers her duties. With a long-standing vision of betterment and the help of technology, she has brought forth several changes in operations at the hospital. Her vision and passion have made the working of the hospital efficient and seamless.

“As a leader, there are so many challenges and setbacks, even day-to-day, that I face, that it's easy to get mired in the minutiae and lose focus. The fact that I can manage the current challenges and the daily grind while still being able to step back and focus on the big picture – the logic of where we're going and where we should be in five or six years, and how we can impact community health in the long-run — is what makes me stand out,” she says.


Dr. Manisha has four vital values that she employs whenever she is facing a challenge:

  1. Confidence: Being a woman has never been a roadblock for her, if anything it has built her confidence
  2. Integrity and Honesty: Encouraging open conversations that have helped create a feeling of trust and transparency
  3. Empathy and Humility: Understanding others and their viewpoints while keeping my emotional intelligence high
  4. Resilience and Vision: Creating a mental reservoir of strength with an eye on the future

Along with these key values, she is a go-getter and believes in herself to get the job done with grit and resilience. Because of her leadership style and personality, everyone in the hospital looks up to her for inspiration and confidence.


Blending education and experience, Dr. Manisha has multi-dimensional perspectives that enable her to work collaboratively with internal and external elements. She stays abreast of all the latest developments in technology such as AI, Big Data, and IoT and finds ways to incorporate them into the operations of the hospital.

“As a medical organisation, we are excited by the synergies between AI and tele-health. In the long run, with the growth of wearable technology and remote monitoring, there will be greater emphasis on more personalised medicine. With patients at the top of mind, I look forward to harnessing the promise of tech-driven discoveries and facing their challenges, as we settle into a new era in healthcare,” says Dr. Manisha.

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