Preeti V. Arora (En Pointe Adwisers LLP) – The Top Most Successful Business Women to Watch in 2021

 An Expert Offering Tailored Solutions in Taxation, Corporate Advisory & Accounting.

The ever-changing policies and complexity of tax, corporate advisory, and accounting hamper organizations' progress. These factors differ from industry to industry and hence, firms have to constantly be on their toes to adapt the policies and verify the process. Staying relevant to current norms is important for any company and hence, they spend a surplus of time going through processes and structures. This operation costs them time and resources which can be put to good use elsewhere.

Understanding the importance of time and resources for the companies, En Pointe Adwisers offers streamlined solutions that help these organizations. It strives to provide firms with an incomparable level of service through a shorter decision-making chain and navigating through their concerns to keep their business interests intact.

En Pointe Adwisers is a one-stop destination for multiple business solutions providing customized solutions to achieve all of the organizations’ business objectives. Its solutions are designed by professionals with a diversified skill set and a vision to provide a unique platform to corporates, budding entrepreneurs, start-ups, and SMEs. The firm takes a unique approach while drafting solutions for a particular client via its strong research and analytics team that helps to identify a client’s key issues and provide qualitative & cost-effective solutions.


Preeti V. Arora – Director of Regulatory & Compliance at Enpointe Adwisers LLP, is helping companies to become more efficient and effective at doing business by extending their capabilities. She co-founded the firm with her passion for consulting and helping businesses to achieve their goals. Preeti is one of the top leaders in the industry and highly sought-after in the Regulatory and Compliance niche. Having more than a decade and a half of experience in compliance, she offers consulting with expertise in the areas of Corporate Laws, FEMA, SEBI, etc.


“The Leadership Team at En Pointe Adwisers LLP overall is very passionate.  We serve as a full-service organization to clients - precisely as a one-stop-shop solutions for all their business needs. Our integrated approach and intimate knowledge of Indian laws environment, processes, key players, regulations, etc. allows us to offer reliable and at the same time cutting-edge consultancy, saving time and money to our clients,” she states.


Preeti began her professional journey in the year 2004 with a Delhi-based Corporate Consulting. Later in the year 2008, she joined Tax & Regulatory Team at Grant Thornton, the 5th largest accounting firm. The journey at Grant Thornton continued for approximately 7 years and then, she joined LexisNexis as a Head of Practical Guidance.

For achieving her goals and objects she follows a simple strategy.

“I follow a SMART goal technique which is to have goals which are Specific, Measurable, achievable, realistic & timely. My specific goal is to make a personal brand for myself for the subject-level expertness. Further, overall Goal is to establish the firm as one of the best consulting organizations in the market with our subject matter expert uniqueness and quality of services,” she asserts.

Other than follow the SMART technique, her biggest strength is being disciplined. With discipline, she planned, organized, structured, and execute the work and bagged the results that pushed her name in the limelight. Another core value she possesses is persistence. She baby stepped towards the position where she stands today and for that, she credits her persistent efforts.


Leaving a stable job and building a team from the scratch was the biggest challenge that she ever encountered. Again, her persistence and discipline helped her transition and she built a team that executes the work on the level of perfection.


“The mantra is ‘Love your work’ then it won’t matter be it any day. We being in consulting industry are available 24*7 for the clients,” she states.


By aligning like-minded people and experts in their industries, En Pointe Adwisers started its operations. Preeti is one of the experts who has lent her unyielding passion and ideas to offer impeccable services to clients.

En Pointe Adwisers offers a wide spectrum of services ranging from Direct Tax, Indirect Tax, Assurance & Accounting Advisory, Regulatory & Compliance, Strategic Business Advisory, Valuations, etc.

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