Salony Priya (Ummeed Counselling & Consulting Services) – The Top Most Successful Business Women to Watch in 2021

Empowering, Enabling,& Energizing Populace with Positivity 

India is a country where mental health awareness is not acknowledged on regular basis. Although 10 percent of Indians are struggling with mental illness, the need to address their needs is still lacking behind. The Covid19 pandemic has pushed several people into the depths of mental illness. Lockdown after lockdown is wearing Indians down and the lack of awareness about mental health further damaging them. Many Indians still think that seeking professional mental help is a stigma.

Tackling this taboo along with mental illnesses, Ummeed counseling and consulting center is proactively helping and bringing a positive outlook to many people. Ummeed works holistically for emotional, psychological, and social wellness around the clock. It has a unique multi-specialty and multi-dimensional approach to emotional, social, and physical wellbeing for society at large.

Ummeed is a professional platform exclusively dedicated to psychology as means to enhance the quality of life people experienced and advocating importance of mental health to achieve the following goals:

  1. Building capacity in the field of mental health
  2. Collaborating projects with educational institutions to promote mental health
  3. Energizing people with individual therapies


Salony Priya – Founder & Director of Ummeed counseling and consulting center, is the persona behind the firm’s understanding of various aspects of society. Being a woman from a small-town and having strong roots in a joint family system instilled strong moral ethics such as empathy, strong faith, nonjudgmental approach to understanding people and relationships.

Equipped with this moral compass and BA, she explored numerous possibilities in the field of humanities. She believes these factors made her more human in her approach and psychology became a subject of interest, then a means to serve and provide possibilities to communities, families, and individuals.

Salony Priya today helps various people walking a different path in their lives. She is associated with organizations, educational institutions, and NGOs to help the populace at large with the use of positive psychology.


Salony practiced psychology by providing counseling, training, empowerment, and capacity-building initiatives as a master trainer for nearly 24 years. This laid the foundation for starting her venture where she could touch several lives and bring positivity to their lives by offering her unparalleled expertise.

“I felt there is a tremendous need in society, to understand emotional wellbeing, domain knowledge of psychology, specializing in child psychology and behavioral counseling enabled me to use this knowledge to prevent problems as well as teach people healthy living, coping skills and developing better relationships at the workplace and home. With 24 years of work across various organizations I realized that there is a need to create more independent platforms where new interventions, more collaborative work, and research could happen,” states Salony.

Under the leadership of Salony, Ummeed offers professional services in training, awareness initiatives, and advocacy campaigns for educators, social workers, parents, school counselors, corporate employees and managers, mental health and allied professionals.


Salony was married at a young age and hence, life promised new experiences. Along with early motherhood, she continued educating and building her skills. These struggles and transitions more shaped her professional identity and she became more determined to bust the myth that working women neglect families and do not do justice to bringing up children. She worked 18 hours a day, juggling responsibilities and wearing multiple hats.

Salony constantly realigned her goals by revisiting and revamping them over and over to maintain a work-life balance. In her journey, people respected her courage and perseverance while her family was a constant support, inspiring and motivating her.


“With technology invading our privacy every moment, cluttering of information due to huge volumes that are accessible, brands bombarding us to buy more, be more and change, relationships all around being redefined, more and more people feel the need to be listened to, the need to be understood and need to be loved!” asserts Salony.

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