Dr. Dipti Bichile Deshmukh (Nityanand Genetic Laboratory) – Business Sight’s Most Iconic Leaders to Watch in 2021

Offering Unparalleled Medical Solutions by Leveraging Genetic

Genetic testing is concerned with patient’s genes and chromosomes. By analyzing them, the specialist can use the genes to find suitable therapy for a patient suffering from extreme diseases. In India, genetic counseling is still a new concept, but patients are being proactive towards their healthcare. The country has embraced the application of genetic testing for diagnosis and disease prevention. This has led to prevention of several diseases and solved problems for millions of people.

The industry is currently evolving as technology is progressing and people are opening up to new perspectives. As genetic testing offers insights into understanding people about their health and make better decisions in managing it, more and more players are entering the industry. Thanks to genetic testing and counseling, there are more applications of it in daily life and at a cost-effective range. With more innovation and research, the industry is poised to change healthcare and thereby, people’s lives.

Paving the way for the industry is Nityanand Clinic and Genetic Counseling Center – a super specialty genetic service provider situated in Pimpri, Chinchwad, Pune. The clinic carries out testing for medical conditions such as miscarriages, infertility, and inborn errors as these conditions are often associated with genes. The facility enables people in the early realization of their condition and hence, helps them to stay a step ahead.

For the Better Management of Diseases

Established in 2005 by two entrepreneurs – Dr. Dipti Bichile Deshmukh and Dr. Manisha Doiphode – to provide services of genetic counseling, prenatal diagnosis, management of recurrent miscarriages, infertility and diagnosis, and management of rare genetic diseases and disorders. Its services are helping thousands of people. Nityanand Clinic with its team has vast experience in managing families with genetic diseases and disabilities.

“Nityanand Clinic is a tertiary referral center for Western Maharashtra. We have managed more than 10,000 patients to date providing the best of services with a view to best practices and patient management. With a strong backbone of genetic counseling, we have built a bond of trust with our patients. We understand the logistic difficulties our patients face for genetic testing, so we provide this facility to them in collaboration with a NABL, CAP-accredited genetic laboratory,” states Dipti.

Under the leadership of Dipti, Nityananda Clinic has evolved into a start-of-the-art facility. It is one of its kind center in the country addressing various requirements under one roof. It now performances cytogenetics, molecular genetic tests, and biochemical tests with a team of experts who interpret the reports and then offers counseling to the patients.

From an Entrepreneur to Spearheading a Huge Lab

Dipti started her own venture and retained her genetics lab for a quite long. She was then offered to join forces and do more work in the field. Being an enthusiast researcher, Dipti accepted the proposal and now she heads a lab at Nityanand Clinic.

The merge helped her broadening her perspectives and she took interest in the spectrum of subjects and areas of her interest. Though she conceded her position as an entrepreneur, she still retains the same ownership and freedom which she exercised before the merge.

She has been instrumental for the clinic in a number of ways. From setting protocols for the lab tests to improving quality while maintaining turnaround time.

Making a Difference in Patients’ Lives

Dipti strived to make a difference in her patients’ lives and hence, she went the extra mile in helping them. Under her guidance, the team at Nityanand Clinic offers genetic counseling report for every test sample that is abnormal.

“We, at Nityanand, not only provide advice to our clients but also explain clinicians about the tests to bring maximum benefit to our clients,” asserts Dipti.

Not only that, but her vision to make genetic testing more affordable for people, she along with the team is setting baseline testing services. With more economical charges, she is also ensuring the test results are collected from high-quality equipment with better resolutions so that any anomaly is detected right away.

Recognition for Dipti’s Excellence

Dipti was awarded Excellence in Genetics by Dhanaraj Pillay. Network for Youth – an NGO dedicated to the welfare of the youths, recognized her as Everyday Hero.

For More Details: http://www.nityanandclinic.com/