Khris Thayer (Optizmo Technologies) – Business Sight’s Revolutionary CEOs 2021

The Foundation of the Company

Khris Thayer launched OPTIZMO Technologies in 2009 with co-founder Grant Fern. From its inception, the company has focused on delivering unrivaled email compliance solutions and support to advertisers, networks, performance agencies, and email marketers. OPTIZMO provides automation software for optimizing the collection, storage, and distribution of sensitive consumer data in a secure environment, delivering unparalleled performance analytics and visibility into how third parties interact with your data.

While innovative technology forms the foundation of the company, OPTIZMO’s success is built on the combination of that technology with an experienced team delivering an unrivaled level of customer support, and being entirely dedicated to the success of every client.

With the email marketing industry’s continuing need for a fast, intuitive platform that supports a fresh, innovative approach to email suppression list management and email compliance, OPTIZMO continues leading the way in Data Management SaaS technology.

A Little Background

Like many successful entrepreneurs, Thayer’s professional journey has been circuitous; allowing him to gain valuable insights from a wide variety of roles and endeavors.  Prior to founding OPTIZMO, he held roles in music creation, production, and promotion, event coordination, small business management, venture capital, and patent research, among other areas. While holding these diverse roles, his management style evolved as he was overseeing both small customer-facing teams and large teams of marketing executives, creative designers, engineers, and various types of mid-to-senior level researchers.

“The lessons I learned from these various roles and industries are put to use every day as CEO of a fast-growing technology company, like OPTIZMO,” said Thayer.  “As I look back to some of the roles that taught me the most valuable lessons, I go back to very early in my career when I was managing pawn shops. I learned so much about people, their personal dynamics, and how best to interact with a wide spectrum of people, and how leverage plays such a huge part in any negotiation. At some point, I may write a book about how everything I needed to understand about starting a company, I learned running a pawn shop.

Even as Thayer’s entrepreneurial journey has flourished, he has continued being a professional musician. When he isn’t busy running OPTIZMO, you can find him taking the stage or in the studio as the lead singer and guitarist for Austin TX-based band, Fallenash. The band released its first album, The Backyard Symphony - in 2015 and released a follow-up EP in 2020. He has also released a solo EP in 2021 called Fragments.

Sometimes it Makes Sense to Slow Things Down

In a constantly evolving industry like digital marketing, successful technology companies need to always be innovating and adapting to changing client needs. In the best cases, true industry-leading companies like OPTIZMO help shape industry evolution, by identifying opportunities and developing innovative technologies to help their clients stay at the forefront of change. So, moving quickly and being able to take advantage of opportunities is vital to a company’s success.

Conversely, while hiring quickly may seem like one important strategy to fuel a company’s growth, Thayer and OPTIZMO have taken a more deliberate approach toward building the team. The OPTIZMO team has been built by hiring very deliberately, identifying people who are not only smart, motivated self-starters, but are also dedicated to each other’s success. Common traits among OPTIZMO team members include experience and expertise in their roles, a true entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to customer success, and a team-first personality.

“We encourage and truly expect every team member to grow in their positions and careers, take ownership of their role within the company, and help the organization evolve, innovate, and grow,” said Thayer. “One key to our success is that we really enjoy working together and supporting each other. The camaraderie we have is apparent to our clients and partners and helps us build deep and long-lasting relationships throughout our industry.”

OPTIZMO has always embraced the idea of having a distributed team, with people located across the United States and Australia. Many of the company’s career opportunities are not tied to living in any particular location, enabling making it possible to find the best and brightest team members and then empowering them to work remotely, where they want to live. Over the years, the company has grown consistently and today has team members located in multiple locations across the globe, including Austin TX, Charleston SC, Denver CO, and Brisbane, Australia.

Delivering Innovation

“Our development team is always working to improve and enhance our technology platform and address the evolving needs of our clients, while our client-facing teams build deep relationships with our clients to help them take full advantage of our services. This approach has enabled us to set ourselves apart from our competitors to build a constantly growing base of clients and partners, many of whom we have worked with for years,” asserts Mr. Thayer.

The company’s clients consistently recommend OPTIZMO to their partners and peers in the industry, making client referrals its most powerful source of new business. Whether clients need to move data throughout an entire ecosystem of channel partners or simply for internal, cross-departmental sharing of suppression lists and customer files, OPTIZMO saves them time and money and enables them to rest assured that their data is safe and secure.

The only truly independent suppression list management system in the industry, OPTIZMO is entirely neutral and unaffiliated with any mailer, network, or another technology platform. This allows the company to focus on delivering the most robust email compliance solutions available in the industry and make it available to every client, with no potential conflicts of interest.  OPTIZMO solutions include:

  1. SUPPRESS – This allows users to securely collect, store, and distribute email suppression lists while automating Opt-Out preferences and generating unsubscribe links for mailers.
  2. SMS SUPPRESS – Designed to collect and distribute SMS based Opt-Out and Do-Not-Call (DNC) lists to and from third-party partners in the same way as the company’s platform manages email suppression lists.
  3. COMPARE – The industry’s most flexible file comparison solution that quickly and efficiently runs merge/purge processes on two or more email files.
  4. ACCESS - A secure platform for email marketing partners to easily access the suppression files, email creative, opt-out links, and other valuable information from the advertiser.

What the Future Holds

Data privacy continues to become more and more of a priority for companies and individuals. OPTIZMO is focusing on the development of technology to make companies’ customer data even more secure. New products being released in 2021 will provide clients with more control over their customer data and enhanced transparency and analytics into that data. The company is also developing an entirely new group of products and services that will provide even more value to current clients, while opening up entirely new markets for OPTIZMO.

Today, OPTIZMO is the recognized thought-leader in the email and online marketing space for email suppression list management, email campaign management, data management, and risk mitigation services relative to email compliance. The company will continue to focus on this aspect of the business through speaking at several industry conferences, publishing regular expert articles and producing original research and reports to the industry.

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