Martin Hubert (Freightgate) – Business Sight’s Revolutionary CEOs 2021

Connecting Global Supply Chain with a World-Class Logistics Cloud Solution

Impacts of the Covid19 pandemic can be witnessed in every industry. Supply chain is among the worst-hit industries as countries across the globe initiated lockdowns. This left several organizations grappling with supplies. The disruption of the global supply chain brought such unprecedented problems that the need for crisis management hit industries in a full swing.

In such a time, Freightgate – a California-based company, is offering unparalleled logistics solutions. The company has been developing pristine solutions since its inception in 1994. Freightgate has decades of supply chain logistics experience being the early pioneer of cloud computing, open connectivity, mobile applications, and web services enabled solutions.

The company’s innovative cloud platform known as the Freightgate Universe enables transportation professionals on all levels to collaborate with global vendors and logistics providers. This solution seamlessly integrates all common transportation needs on a single sourcing platform for informed decision-making across the entire network. Thanks to its decades of experience in the logistics and supply chain industry, Freightgate has transformed the industry with its innovative solutions that meet and exceed the logistics industry challenging demands.

The Persona behind the Company’s Success

At the helm of the company is Martin Hubert – Founder & CEO of Freightgate. Born in Germany, Martin sold his code at 16. The passion for programs paved the path and he went to the university. He has a Master's in Computer Science and an MBA. After graduating, he had a stint in New York’s freight company. Martin’s dedication and passion made the company’s president offer him the job of IT Director.

His entrepreneurial spirit and passion for innovation and reinvention, made him start his own company. in 1994, Freightgate saw the light of the day. The company’s focus was on providing track and trace solutions via the internet by establishing EDI capabilities with carriers.

Later in 2000, he envisioned a platform that improves the life of logistics companies and shippers. “Our long-term relationships with customers help us develop adaptive easy-to-deploy solutions enabling companies to be competitively positioned within their marketplace. Having established alliances with technology companies around the world we are managing the globalization of logistics and supply chain management using the latest Cloud Technologies,” asserts Martin.

Stellar Leadership

“Freightgate has been the early pioneer in cloud computing and mobile applications for logistics and global supply chain management. Logistics Cloud technology unlocks a new age of competitiveness giving every business an equal opportunity to participate in global markets with smart logistics tools and greater agility. Connecting your global supply chain to best-in-class logistics cloud solutions is now making the difference between success and failure,” states Martin.

Martin along with his team has developed solutions that maximize supply chain visibility. These solutions manage freight contracts, procurement, pricing, quotations, routing, tracking, and scheduling of transportation. The solutions enable the analysis and execution necessary to increase return while improving service. The solutions streamline the complexities of logistics and supply chain management that create value for its partners.

Thanks to his and his team’s efforts, Freightgate is seen as a thought leader in the industry. Under his leadership, the company is expertly delivering real-time solutions by utilizing the latest Cloud technology. Martin is on a mission to find efficient ways to solve supply chain challenges.

The Solutions that Move Logistics and Supply Chain Industry

Martin believes it is a perfect time for businesses to make strategic moves and define a sustainable supply chain and build the future. He suggests that organizations must equip cutting-edge technologies required to run the supply chain.

For this Freightgate is offering a Logistics Cloud Platform of modular solutions that are integrated, scalable, and affordable. It manages online document preparation, carrier schedules, capacity control, regulatory compliance, rate management, and customized international shipping applications for global shippers, carriers, and logistics providers.

“Our solutions may be implemented with minimal capital investment and a ‘pay as you go’ approach to assure that a company only buys what they need when they need it while minimizing their own Information Technology Infrastructure investment,” states Martin.

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