Raghav Beriwala (Shyam Future Tech) – Business Sight’s Most Iconic Leaders to Watch in 2021

The Tech Enabler Offering Digital Transformation Through Customized Solutions

In the digital age, businesses must go digital if they want to remain relevant and competitive. Digital transformation is the need of the hour. It is the ability to rethink old processes, become agile to serve customers, and find new, better-operating models via experiments. The onset of the Covid19 pandemic has accelerated the digital transformation, leaving many organizations grappling with several challenges and problems.

Harnessing the power of digital transformation, Shyam Future Tech LLP – a Kolkata-based digital enabler, began developing tailored solutions. It enjoys the reputation of being a tech partner. By enabling businesses to harness the power of digital transformation, the company designs and delivers tech-enabled customized business solutions that address an array of challenges faced by startups and enterprises alike.

An Idea to Bridge the Gap between Three Generations

Shyam Future Tech saw the light of the day when Raghav Beriwala, Designated Partner, saw a huge gap between the old and new generation. He joined his family business – Shyam Steel Industries Limited. It is a steel manufacturing company that has diversified holdings into iron and steel manufacturing, infrastructure, food processing, agriculture, and IT.

The only way he saw to bridge the gap and come abreast of the current industry stalwarts was technology. Replacing the old, established processes, needed strategized, bold, and concrete initiatives. This made the designated partners think about their new venture.

“During the process, I found that we were employing several IT solutions – some from the biggest names in the industry like SAP, ORACLE, and some open sources software that we have developed in-house. Having said that, I found that the kind of software solutions that are available in the market, except obviously the top names out there, we found that the smaller and mid-level software solutions out there in the market were not up to par. The in-house development was also being done on open-source software, where people did not know what kind of product, they had to create to make it scalable, to make it usable, to make it future-ready. So, bringing that change to the IT department, I found that I had a knack for technology,” states Raghav.

This finding laid the foundation for Shyam Future Tech.

The Persona Behind Leading Tech Provider

Born and brought up in Kolkata, Raghav did his bachelor’s in Commerce from St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, and then went on to do a Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and International Business from Aston Business School (ABS). Since his family was in business for more than 63 years, he had a keen interest in family business and entrepreneurship.

“When we launched Shyam Future Tech, we wanted it to be a more employee-centric company in terms of HR policies, work culture, assurances, benefits of the employees as well as the duties that the employees give to the company. Even when we look back at Shyam Steel, we have always had a family-based approach towards working where a large part of our organization consists of people who have been there with us for more than 10 years and are continuing strongly with us. That is the kind of culture I want to imbibe in Shyam Future Tech and bring a more IT-centric and modern approach to it,” asserts Raghav.

Setting Benchmark High

Executing digital transformation in a 63-year-old steel business proved to a daunting task. The industry was performing up to the mark and hence, there was resistance to change the old ways. The people in business were reluctant to change the multiple winning formulae.

Thanks to Raghav’s resilience and persistence, he did bridge the gap and now, Shyam Steel Industries is exceeding the expectations.

Raghav brought the same zeal to Shyam Future Tech and prioritizes customer satisfaction before anything. The company improves clients’ business operations, saves cost, and increases productivity by several folds with smart automation tools and customized solutions.

Future Landscape

“SFT has dynamically evolved over the last three years – the change has been quite a phenomenal one. We have started as a company that was looking more into big-name changes in the IT industry like blockchain, AI, ML, but we found out that these things do come hand-in-hand with the most basic things there. The problem out there today is that people have become so conversant with IT jargons out there that they talk about blockchain, AI, ML, and others but nobody knows the basics of it at all. Having started there myself, I found out the need to go back to basics. Most people offering IT solutions out there, do not have their fundamentals in place, and that has been a huge learning experience for me and the company as well,” states Raghav.

He also adds, “We want to offer solutions to everyone – starting from startups to larger enterprises, where they can leverage this unified platform to run a central system, to monitor everything that is going on in an organization. We are still in the process of fine-tuning it. So, please stay tuned to find out what we launch and how it benefits everyone.”

The company is emerging as the indispensable customized business solutions provider and will excel further in the coming years.

For More Details: https://www.shyamfuture.com/