Sujin Jekash Simson (Medryte Healthcare Solutions) – Business Sight’s Most Iconic Leaders to Watch in 2021

The Most Reliable Medical Billing Company Aiding US Healthcare Providers with Excellent & Innovative Solutions

The onset of the Covid19 pandemic put forth a series of challenges for service providers and communities across the globe. Personal healthcare providers found it more troublesome to offer services because of the nature of their industry. With limited resources, lockdowns, and constant threat of the virus, the industry had to resolve the crisis with innovation. Telehealth surfaced as the most viable option thanks to its capabilities in the pandemic time.

People in the US sought medical attention and care. This pushed the industry in India to grow subsequently. Patients are now getting guidelines about their medical needs without stepping out of their homes. The approach, however, put stress on the existing technology as going to doctor for checkup in one on one interaction and payment is simply done via cash or card. The complex system left everyone grappling for a better solution.

Medryte Healthcare Solutions designed its solutions to satisfy every party’s needs. The company starts by educating each provider about the updates on telehealth. It collects information from payers and thereby, offers tailored information to the provider, and based on that, the firm enables provider and patient to connect. Medryte even goes a step further and calls patients to book their slot for telehealth service.

Medryte Healthcare Solutions is a full-service medical billing company with extensive experience in multi-specialty billing and coding. Over the past 8 years, Medryte has emerged as one of the most reliable Medical Billing and Coding Company due to its consistent quality and commitment towards deliverables.

Medryte’s strategic collaborations with physicians, payers, and medical billing companies are the driving force behind its recognition in the industry. The company employee coders having backgrounds in Physical Therapy, Nursing, Pharmacy, Microbiology, Biochemistry, and others.

An Empathetic Entrepreneur

At the forefront of the company is Sujin Jekash Simson – CEO & Founder of Medryte. His idea to help people in such a stressful time has pushed the boundaries for innovation. Not only that, his zeal to help the healthcare providers in the US during the pandemic has created a lot of business opportunities. He ensured the healthcare providers rise in the pandemic and provider healthcare facilities to all patients.

Sujin with his team helped the healthcare providers beyond the scope of end-end billing by educating Doctors on telehealth services and the payer-specific guidelines. Due to his efforts, many Doctors increased patient appointments via telehealth and continued patient care during the pandemic in the United States.

“I strongly believe that every failure and setback has a lesson to teach and is a step towards glory. I work with a creative bent of mind and believe that teamwork eventually leads to success. With a never-give-up attitude and continual dedication, I have expanded the business from healthcare services to software development, skincare, and nutritional supplement industries,” states Sujin.

Leading with an Example

Sujin is a physical therapist and hence, has a sound understanding of the needs of the patients. Being born in a small village – Kallankuzhi in Kanyakumari district, he has worked since the age of 10 where he had worked on his father’s rubber plantation farm. His father paid him 3 rupees a day for collecting latex in the rubber plantation. He did this job in the early morning and then went to his school. He used this amount as pocket money when he studied 6th standard in SDA Matriculation School, Pulliyerangi.

He is a graduate of Dr. MGR University, Chennai. He has served in various multi-specialties and has vast experience in medical coding and billing.

His experience, early childhood, and father’s motivation encouraged him to establish his own venture. In 2012, he founded Medryte. Since then he is actively upscaling the company via his personal experience and of his team to offer the best solutions.

Retaining its Edge

“Compliance is the key to our business in every department. Our comprehensive Compliance Program is based on the four cornerstones of ethics, values, integrity, and respect for consumer privacy which ensures that industry regulations and compliance guidelines permeate every level of our business. Medryte strictly complies with HIPAA, FDCPA, Patients Privacy Act and HITECH,” asserts Sujin.

Awards & Recognitions

For his considerate leadership style, Medryte has been bestowed with accolades like India’s Fastest Growing Healthcare BPO in 2014 award from Former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand.

Sujin was awarded the Social Entrepreneur of the year, 2013 and Vishwa Jothi Award in 2013.

Insight Success Magazine recognized him as The 10 Most Inspiring Business Leaders to Follow in 2020.

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