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Sai Ram Education Consultancy

“Shaping the future of the students by giving the right guidance”

Educational choices are considered the most important decision in anyone’s life. The choice of university or course can decide one’s future. Despite the excessive information available over the internet, many students face challenges in deciding the correct path. The questions like how and when to apply for the university, which course is right for them, what are the requirements that need to be fulfilled, what is the deadline and the endless list of questions remain unanswered to many students and they tend to stay confused. Educational Consultancies help these students to figure out a clear path to their goal and help them by not just answering the questions but by also supporting them throughout the process.

Sai Ram Education Consultancy (SREC) offers a career and educational solution to the students which helps them in knowing their inherent strengths, choose their ‘best-fit careers, and getting a correct career assessment. According to SREC, human capacities are infinite and can never be measured or judged. Every person has a unique characteristic as everyone has his/her strengths and weakness. SREC helps students in every situation that come in the way of choosing his/her career. Through the problem-solving approach, they make sure that the student’s educational and professional needs are met and the students get the best counseling and guidance to choose their career and achieve their goals.

The Stellar Counsellor

 Sandeep Harsulkar, the founder of SREC hails from the city of dream, Mumbai, and has completed engineering from a renowned university. He thrives on challenges and constantly works on achieving his goals. Also, he holds a Gold Certification from University, Singapore and has nearly 20 years of working experience in the field of career counseling.

He is a determined and decisive career counsellor who has an active and dynamic approach to work and get things done and has dedicated his life to counselling and guiding students from all backgrounds. He develops confidence, courage, knowledge and strategies in students to effectively manage education and career. He is a sole believer of, “with each difficulty in life, there is always an opportunity to learn and grow.”

Always up for new challenges, Sandeep understands the nuances that go into establishing a career in the dynamic world. Moreover, he feels that to survive and perform successfully in the modern-day competitive environment, he has to constantly adapt to innovation and be prepared to update knowledge and skills through continuous learning all the time. His brilliance coupled with his career journey makes him the best choice for the students at Sai Ram Education.

Sandeep aims to create a dialogue between students, counsellors and facilitating teachers. As students face tremendous pressure (both from peers and parents) while making career decisions. He says, “For me, it is a great achievement when I become a reason to bring a change in any of my student's life.” He is best at evaluating clients’ background, education, and training, to guide them through making decisions about their careers, such as choosing a new profession and the type of degree to pursue. His rich experience makes him the best choice for the students as a thriving Career Counsellor.

The Path To Success

Sai Ram Education Consultancy is a top-notch educational consultancy in India and has been successful in guiding thousands of students. The founder, Sandeep Harsulkar says, “The path we took is very much sacred and we had a time where people used to come through word of mouth from various parts of India. We feel privileged saying that through our guidance and hard work we created 1000’s Doctors for our Country. Now as the industry has been advanced with all particulars new rules and regulations, we are pioneers in the industry to be the ones who have exact knowledge about the industry as well as trustworthy.” 

SREC has always aimed for the service and welfare of the students and their parents rather than making a profit for its service. This has made them stand out amongst the competitors and had made them the most chosen one.

 Staying Ahead With Dynamic Service

SREC has been a specialist in guiding the students for the last 26 years. They have an eminent and efficient counsellor who creates a tailor-made recommendation by getting the student a proper and recognized college or university.

With SREC, students and their parents can easily get information about any education program including Guidance, Counselling and Admission at the comfort of their homes. Prioritizing the safety of the future generation is the greatest asset and thus all the counsellors are fully vaccinated and follow the pandemic protocols. The majority of the counselling, guidance and admission procedures are given online through various social media and online platforms. The authentic and most reliable knowledge regarding the application and admission processes of India and Abroad is just at the fingertips of students and their parents.

An Optimistic Vision

Sai Ram Education Consultancy has been conducting successful career counselling sessions and under the expert guidance and leadership of Mr. Sandeep Harsulkar, the team plans to take the firm to a much higher level of excellence.

The firm aims to provide top-notch services to the students which include career counselling, educational counselling, performance counselling, professional growth counselling, individual counselling and admissions and studies abroad. To them, employee turnover is a strong indicator of the company culture. A great company culture doesn’t just manifest itself out of the thin air. It first has to be articulated and communicated through the organization and then it can be lived out by the leadership and employees at every level. A positive company culture has values that every employee knows by heart. These values and mission are accessible and branded into all of the company’s internal and external communications. The firm gives a friendly environment to its employees and maintains transparency for clear and effective communication. The firm also believes in giving everyone a fair chance and making the workplace comfortable with the best office policies.

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