Tarun Arora (IG International Pvt. Ltd) – Business Sight’s 10 Most Eminent Leaders to Follow in 2021

“Delivering happiness with best and fresh fruits across India”

Started as a fruit trader in Jalandhar, IG International Pvt. Ltd. today is a global importer and exporter of fresh fruits and in the year 2002, IG shifted its office to Mumbai.

IG International is one of the largest importers of fresh fruits in India for the last 50 years and has built up its capacity, extended distribution network throughout India, invested in cold logistics and opened new markets while sourcing supplies from overseas. Today IG is the most well-known Indian name in the global fresh fruit industry.

Proffered Services

IG International Pvt. Ltd. is primarily into trading of imported fruits and procure products from the best and most established brands, fruit growers and marketers from across the world and supply in the Indian market. Their product portfolio extends from the premium club varieties of fresh fruits to the most exotic and rare ones. IG has introduced many fruit varieties to Indian consumers.

IG has been successful in growing premium fruits of foreign license in India and is on the way to revolutionize the country's fresh produce import landscape. IG had the first full harvest of blueberry crop, which is a joint venture with MBO and Mano Babiolakis, with supervision provided by an Australian team. This world-famous Australia’s Mountain Blue Blueberry variety grown on their farm in Madhya Pradesh is not only affordable to the Indian consumers but also gave a huge business edge to the company.

Founder, Mr Gian Chand Arora, a visionary who pioneered the imports of fresh Fruits in India says, “With the success of this venture we’re planning to grow club varieties Apples, Citrus of premium brands like Pink Lady, Stemilt, etc. and other fruits on Indian soil in the near future. In Czech Republic, we have orchards cultivating cherries and apples. We also have a logistics venture, IG Logistics providing third party logistics in India.”

Journey To Success

The company is set on principles and values and is driven by ethics. In all the dealings with their global and local partners, their employees and the customers they are outright honest. Honesty, integrity, trust, commitment; all these take precedence over profit. These said principles were laid down by the founders and they holistically follow this path. At IG, principles precede profits. IG is respected all over the world for the reputation it holds. The reputation is the dividend of their principles. According to their chairman, it takes a lifetime to build reputation and IG is cautious to preserve this reputation.

Talking about the challenges that came through, Mr Arora said, “To keep fresh fruit— fresh. That’s probably the greatest challenge of this industry. No one is buying a fruit that doesn’t appeal. To keep it fresh all the way from faraway distant orchards to the retailer, sometimes placed hundreds of kilometres away from our cold storage, sometimes stretching weeks in the go, is a big challenge. This is the biggest hurdle in India. We have to invest heavily to tackle this issue. We’ve built a robust cold chain infrastructure with cold storage spread across 16 destinations in India. We have an extensive fleet of reefer trucks to keep the cold-chain link unbroken. We are building more cold storage, adding more trucks, investing in cold technologies, every day, doing all we can to keep our fruits fresh and safe, always.”

Futuristic Approach

Talking about the change Mr Arora wishes to see in the coming two years, he says, “Change remains the name of the game. Covid-19 has accelerated this change many times faster. Digitalization is already underway in almost every aspect of our organization, and this pandemic has accelerated our adaptation of digital technologies.

Whether reflecting on current conditions or future plans, there is an amplified need for speed and flexibility. Old barriers are being brushed aside under the pressure of unrelenting disruptions, rapidly evolving customer expectations and an unprecedented pace of change. There seems to be renewed clarity in perspectives. Motivation is no longer aspirational—it has become existential.”

IG will be making sure that the employees are capable, resilient and are adaptable to the technologies for the long term and is also going to work on customer experience management and customer service. They are moving ahead in just one direction which is customer first. They value relationships and thus would go to any extent to see them happy.

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