Ajoy Singh, Somya Translators Pvt Ltd – Business Sight’s Best Performing Companies 2022

Seamless & Error-free Translations for Ten Major Languages of the World

The world is only getting closer and closer thanks to globalization while technology is revolutionizing every aspect of life. The introduction of the internet has eased several processes and made it easier to connect with people across the globe. People, however, still prefer to communicate in the language they feel comfortable with and often, businesses around the world communicate in languages they are used to.

With apps and online platforms, language translation needs several updates. The technology is not up to the mark where businesses can rely on it.

Bridging the gap and destroying the barrier of languages, Somya Translators offers seamless translation services in ten major languages of the world. This Delhi-based service provider is a certified professional language translator which helps organizations easily communicate their messages. Somya Translators is focusing on consistent growth by being certified standard project executive quality management and cost-effective services.

Somya Translators offer its services for major languages such as Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Italian, Korean, German, Hindi, and many more.

Accurate & Error-free Business Strategy

Founded in 2009, Somya Translators expanded its presence in Mumbai in 2013 and Noida in 2019. The company was established by Mr. Ajoy Singh and Mrs. Archana Singh. The two founders come from different backgrounds but shared a common goal – to give an opportunity to talented people and bridging the language gap. Though Somya Translators saw the light of day back in 2009 and its roots were well-established in 2006 when the founders realized their dream and began laying a foundation for the company.

Somya Translators stays ahead of the curve by employing the following key factors in their business strategy:

  1. Cost-Effective Service: It recognizes that cost is very important, especially for businesses having a limited budget. Hence, it sticks to a well-established procedure to save costs for its clients while maintaining high quality. With greater and consistent volumes of work, it offers services at preferential rates. Apart from this, it helps clients in reducing 30 to 40 percent costs by using technology to automate and eliminate redundant work.
  2. Qualified Professionals: Somya’s linguists are knowledgeable, diligent, and competent. It collaborates with competent, professionally trained translators with in-depth subject matter expertise, who have helped thousands of happy customers with their language needs.
  3. Exceptional Quality: The company sets reasonable goals and follows through on its promises. Client satisfaction and retention are dependent on the timely delivery of high-quality services. It uses a three-step verification process to verify that all translations are consistent throughout the document and are linguistically accurate.
  4. Quick Turnaround: No matter how vast the project or how tight the deadlines are, it always strives to deliver the services as per the client’s requirements and expectations.
  5. Complete Solution: Translation, localization, DTP, transcription, and subtitling are just a few of the services it provides. As it works on copywriting projects for clients, it is also the content developer. Somya is one-stop solution for all linguistic services.
  6. Time Zone Coverage: Because its team works around the clock, the company is capable of communicating with all of its clients worldwide during their business hours, which is critical to the efficiency of its assistance and support.

Holistic Translation Offerings

Somya Translators uses the latest technology to ramp up its services and therefore, save time and cost for all its clients. It retains a core team of highly competent translators. With technology in one hand and competent translators in the other, Somya Translators offers the following services:

  1. Translation & Language services
  2. Website Localization
  3. Audio & Video Localization
  4. Machine Translation (MTPE)
  5. Editing & Proofreading
  6. Transcription
  7. Interpretation
  8. DTP Services
  9. Multilingual Search Engine Optimization
  10. Content Writing and Content Management
  11. AI Data localization

Somya Translators is unveiling an open voice recording studio to offer voice-over services that are specially designed for the e-Learning sector.

“These services will help us to balance the demand and supply of language translation in the industry,” asserts Mr. Singh.

New Horizons

With a global footprint, Somya Translators has recorded a growth of 18 percent. The company is aiming to reach the mark of 30 percent and enter the 100 crore club by 2025.

For More Details: http://www.somyatrans.com/