Anuradha Rondla, ARS Solutions Private Limited – Business Sight’s Best Performing Companies 2022

Offering Suitable Technology to Optimize Business Processes & Transforming Businesses

Indian IT sector attracted significant investments and projects from major countries in recent years. It is one of the biggest contributors to the Indian economy, nearly 8 percent of the total GDP. It is estimated that the Indian IT sector stands at USD 16.29 billion in the first quarter of the fiscal year 2022. The sector is growing at an astounding rate of 2.3 percent year on year. With the current growth rate, the IT sector in the country is set to hit USD 19 billion mark by 2025.

The global sourcing market in the country continues its legacy and retains its number one position. IT companies in the country are expanding domestically as well as internationally. They are making their presence globally and opening offices in multiple countries, thereby strengthening their presence and securing future needs. With such an expansion streak, IT companies are also looking for top-notch talent to offer high-quality services.

Lending its hand in this contribution is ARS Solutions – a global information technology company specializing in software development, consulting, and staffing services. It comes under the wing of Softwaytek which offers highly personalized services in the IT domain and assists clients in addressing their business needs and expected outcomes. The company offers cost‑effective and enterprise‑scale technologies and services that leverage the latest technologies in Software Industry.

Harnessing Technology to Provide Robust Solutions

ARS Solutions – a Hyderabad, Telangana-based IT Solutions company – collaborates with clients to meet their business needs, expected outcomes, attain mutual understanding on the deliverable, provide appropriate advice, all the while bringing suitable technology and optimal processes to transform their business. It is its primary goal to solve clients’ business problems, and also refine and improve their current business solutions.

The company focuses on three key vital advantages and hence, differentiates from the competitors.

  • Technologies: ARS Solutions has competencies in delivering customized solutions in areas of AIML, Cloud, IoT, Security, Web & Mobile development
  • Staffing: ARS Solutions offers the best staffing solutions - onsite staffing, offshore support, and/or off-premises staffing
  • Process: ARS Solutions optimizes the processes for the best outcomes, keeping time-to-market in mind while maintaining superior quality of deliverables. Its staff has expertise in processes such as Agile and DevOps which aids in this process, among others

“We strive for simple, elegant tech solutions in response to complex tasks. As a scalable technology partner, we enable organizations to improve operational efficiency and unleash new business potential,” asserts Anuradha Rondla – Co-founder & CEO of ARS Solutions.

Persona at the Forefront

With 20 years of IT experience and financial sector, Anuradha is the force that is driving ARS Solutions with her experience and insights. She was a software professional working in the IT industry and now she heads ARS Solutions.

“I entered into entrepreneurship and invested in different companies. I used my financial management skills and succeeded as an entrepreneur, but my passion is IT. Considering my love for IT, I am involved in product development” she says. She has transformed the workplace cultures by motivating workforces even while navigating the most challenging dynamics. With key qualities like transparency, communication, honesty and taking care of her employees, she believes that true leadership is doing the right thing at the right time, no matter how difficult it is.

Differentiating from the Competitors

“Our main objective is not only to offer assistance but to also create and sustain a strong headship position in the international market. We also look forward to being a company that has a high level of innovation, delivery, and responsiveness to make sure that clients have been assisted maximally. The success of every client that we assist is our main priority,” states Anuradha.

Thanks to its experience, high-level efficiency, and confidentiality, ARS seamlessly integrates the support necessary to meet the mission-critical requirements of today’s most discerning users of its services. ARS Solutions focuses on four strategic values to stay ahead of the curve:

  • Customer-Centric: It listens to its customers’ needs, understands their needs, and strives to deliver on their requirements. Its customers’ satisfaction is its satisfaction. Its customers' endeavor is its success
  • Continuous Virtuous Improvement: ARS Solutions strives to get better at delivering to its clients via continuous improvement in the process – it plans, analyzes, acts, and reviews its deliverables to clients to ensure it is learning from mistakes, and getting better at serving clients every day
  • Ethical and Transparent: It is fair and just with all the dealings- with clients and with employees
  • Giving: ARS Solutions strives to support and give back to the communities it operates in

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