Cover Story, Sunil Sharma (CEO) & Aishwarya More Tambe (CCO) – Mediapur – Business Sight’s Best Performing Companies 2022

The Kingdom of Cinema & Events

The event industry is the driving force behind organizational success in several industries. Today’s world is highly competitive and demands constant image building, revamping, and maintaining. To stay on the top of their game, companies employ events to create brand image, harness loyalty, introduce upcoming products or services, and always stay in the eyes of their customer. Events have become a powerful tool in recent years and the growth of the industry is ever-expanding with more and more entrepreneurs leveraging events to boost their public image.

Bolstering companies’ brand reputation by several folds, Mediapur – a Mumbai-based production house and event management agency – is paving the way towards excellence in the industry. Mediapur creates platforms for industries and specialist markets to trade, innovate, and grow. It creates opportunities to engage, experience, and do business via live and virtual experiences to transform the overall experience.

Established in 2019 by Sunil Sharma – Founder & Director of Mediapur, the agency is committed to serving its clients with top-notch, out of the box ideas, and content that propels their stories and themes and makes house in the minds of customers. The agency assists businesses to meet, discover products, trade, and grow through major exhibitions, virtual events, online marketplaces, specialist content, and data services.

Making a Difference in Clients’ Business

“We started as a software company in 2011 by the name of Code Serve and after some time we keep added more services to the company like Digital Marketing, Content writing, Branding, and in 2019 we rebranded the company to Mediapur with more new services like Event management, PR, Ads & Video Production and Media related services. We are marking our footprints successfully in all the above sectors,” states Sunil.

Agency differentiates itself from the crowd with three key qualities:

  1. A well-planned strategy – It works on strategies that are planned using unique concepts and ideas.
  2. Risk-Taking ability – It doesn’t back out due to failures instead, Mediapur takes a risk of the task and works hard to accomplish it.
  3. Positive and strong relationships with clients – It focuses on maintaining a healthy relationship with all of its clients during and after projects.

Mediapur is aiming to imprint its name in top IT companies in the country and become the preferred partner for many clients. It is consistently upgrading its services and harnessing new concepts and ideas from every sector so that it can expand its footprint and service clients from various industry segments.

Holistic Media Offerings

Mediapur starts creative process by brainstorming and studying the problem its clients are facing. after forming blueprints to proceed the agency approaches the actual creation and translates visions into reality. After project support is as great as its initial approach. The agency makes all necessary adjustments with minimum time around and helps its clients reach their goals faster.

"We understand the current landscape of business and assure that commercial events sparkle accordingly. We manage commercial events and exhibitions smoothly by arranging the venue and flow of events appropriately. We make sure that the participation of the audience in the events is according to the theme of the event. Delivering the right theme to the right audience at the right time is the team's primary methodology. They observe the need of audience analyzing the scenario of the society and market and this helps them to deliver the best quality," Sunil asserts.

Mediapur has revamped their core services that go hand in hand with its brand name and are as follow:

  1. M - Marketing
  2. E - Events
  3. D - Design
  4. I - Information Technology
  5. A - Acceleration
  6. PUR - Industries it covers

The agency is looking forward to unveiling its brand-new service – Abhikar (a combination of two words Abhi and Kar)

Personas Propelling the Agency to New Heights

At the forefront of Mediapur are Sunil Sharma and Alok Singh. These two are steering the agency in the right direction with their unique and creative experience put together. The two leaders are helping Mediapur find rocksteady footing in the industry and push the boundaries to offer more than the client asked for.

Sunil is the key founder and member of the company since 2011 and he always had a keen interest in Creative and Technology fields simultaneously. This interest helped him to enter multiple industries. His contribution to the IT sector is of more than 13 years. He witnessed numerous ups and downs in his journey and by overcoming those now he is standing firmly in the competitive world of Innovations.

Alok joined Code Serve in 2018 as a partner and in Jan 2019 founded Mediapur with Sunil Sharma. He also has excellence in Technology and Management and has 15 years of expertise in the IT sector. His expertise has been instrumental for the Mediapur.

The third pillar supporting Mediapur is Aishwarya. She is Chief Content Officer and excels at writing creative pieces. She is steady support that is building Mediapur’s reputation and contributing to the agency’s growth.

The Biggest Challenge

“Pandemic was our biggest challenge. We faced problems in every sector. Like we felt like we are going back for a few years. As the whole world was suffering so financial crisis along with mental instability is what we faced a lot. Our events got cancelled, many projects got delayed and cancelled. Due to unavailability of resources at home, some employees were unable to work properly,” says Sunil.

Paving its own Path

“We want to see our company in customer-friendly company list and we will work hard to achieve this goal. We don't want a consumer and supplier kind relationship. We focus on maintaining a friendly relationship with the clients to get communication while projects became seamless. Clients should approach us every time they are in the need of our service. As we said we are working on it by upgrading our skills and on-time delivery services too,” Sunil claims.

Mediapur is contended with what it has done so far. It is receiving long-term support from clients as it is always available for them as per their requirements.

With a Can-do attitude, Mediapur is etching its name in the country’s best event management agencies.

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