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Vivek Singh, Founder(Stick Pool Club)

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Stick Pool Club

Top universities around the globe are now offering a degree in video games! With the dawn of the golden age in the gaming industry, how relevant it would be to think that even a casual player, seeking nothing but pure entertainment and thrill of playing a game can now garner by just doing what they love to do in their leisure hours. Talk about earning by delving into what you love! That far, far-away dream is just has made its presence on your horizon, should you go to Google store, App store or their website, it is there, awaiting your gracious arrival.

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The whole world is witnessing severe consequences of global warming and in India, its capital city and some other major cities are converted into gas chambers with the worst air quality. Hence, switching to electric vehicles that utilize clean energy is the need of the hour and it will be in great demand in the future to come also.

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Digital media is the new promising face of marketing which has a global reach. Digital marketing is the era that demands original thinking and has the power to engage and endear prospects to a brand. India, being the third biggest start-up hub, is rapidly emerging as the fastest-growing economy globally.

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Merako Media

For any organization to succeed, certain ingredients are a must. Arguably, the most important of these is a concrete design and marketing strategy that gives out a positive message to potential customers. Branding is the first interaction a customer has with an organization, and as the saying goes, “The first impression makes a lasting impression”.

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The Coworking Space

In the 21st century, the way we do work is rapidly changing. The traditional order of things is being replaced by more affordable and convenient solutions that boost productivity. In India, flexible work spaces, where professionals share an office space and collaborate, has seen tremendous growth.

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Highbrow Interactive

There is no doubt as to whether Extended Reality (XR) is the revolutionary technology of the upcoming decade. XR is on the verge of becoming the mainstay visual medium and is here to stay. From face filters on Instagram to immersive experience in Virtual Reality, XR has already impacted our lives and is inching closer every day to becoming the go-to medium for training, entertainment, education and communication.

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MEC Concepts

Covering complete breadth of the product development cycle from ideation to actual realization of the product, Mechanical Electronics and Computing (MEC) Concepts is a one-stop solution company for the companies looking for Product Realization solutions in varying sectors of Mechanical, IT and Electronics engineering

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KRV Guru

An Award-winning Digital Marketing agency, encompassing the spectrum of digital services such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC (Ad Services) along with some of the core requirements of the industry, Digital Strategies and Business Growth Planning, all are provided by KRV Guru. Established in 2018 in Hyderabad, after Vikram Kolichina, the founder of KRV Guru saw the loopholes in the strategies implemented by the organizations were in fact, adding to let-backs.

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Interior decoration has steadily gained recognition when the idea of inside out beauty hit the market. Today, we barely witness any house, office or malls without a superior interior décor. The aesthetic designs and mesmerizing schemes turn our hearts in our chest to the exquisiteness that remains unmatched.

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Incepted in April of 2015, just a couple of months before the Digital India campaign was launched, TurtleDove set out to be the part of the colossal wave that shook the industries in India. A one-stop-shop with a vision to bring forth a digital transformation in the startups as well as businesses and ensure authentic and innovative implantation of technologies to leverage the startups and businesses.

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The landscape of technology is becoming interesting with every passing day. Data is emerging as a new economic hashtag. The emergence of data as a potent source of competitive advantage and value builder in government, businesses and social sector enterprises are clearly becoming prominent.

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Choosing an existing franchise or building your own new business can blow your fuses when considering every possibility. Choosing between a franchise and your own startup can be quite problematic. Either option has advantages and risks associated with it that should be considered before embarking. There is no straight or simple answer. You have to figure out what works for you best.