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Satya Patri- CEO (Impetech IT Solution)

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The modern era demands companies to be innovative and offer unique solutions that are tailored to specific needs. As a result of pushing the boundaries on a daily basis, the world is in the rollercoaster of invention and reinvention. Solutions become obsolete overnight. Technology changes in the blink of an eye. Even before one solution is concrete, people are already looking at new horizons. Therefore, in the changing era, companies need to be on top of their toes or simply risk falling behind the curve.

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HKIT Security Solutions

There is an unprecedented development in the cyber domain. With new security updates coming out to resist the new methods of hacking, cybersecurity has become as important as natural security because the world has more private information on the internet than in the physical world.

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Karma Management Consultants

The labor laws in India are experiencing changes due to e-governance, legislation systems, and streamlining of processes. Given the number of laws in the country, 40+ central and 150+ state laws, the changes are bound to appear. Adapting to changing systems and streamlining processes are proving to be a challenge for most companies.

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Lingel Windows and Doors Technologies Private Limited

Premium quality doors and windows give a lustrous outlook to any house. Along with interior décor, doors and windows enhance overall aesthetics while attracting eyes and appreciation. They indispensable assets and to ensure they are premium and add elegance to the houses, Lingel leaves no stone unturned.

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Sapphire Info Solutions (P) Ltd

No matter the size, shape, or nature of a business, accounting is a vital factor for any business. The financial statement of a business will give insights such as financial transactions over an accounting period, summary of a company's operations, financial position, and cash flows to the entrepreneur.

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TAC Security

In the era where cyber-attacks are frequent if not daily phenomenon, little can be stressed upon the importance of building a digital wall as every person is well acquainted with the fact. The strategies have certainly changed with the advent of technology but the essence of safety remains the same.

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There is always an endless desire, craving, and thirst for adventure. The adrenaline pumping, exciting roads, unexpected events and sights, and the soaring Himalayan mountains. Just the mention of adventure gets the blood going. Who would wager to miss out on the warmth of the setting sun just behind the snow-clad mountains?

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Construction Industry - Importance of Precast Technology

There is prejudice that using precast technology is viable only for commercial projects.  Is this technology a viable option for residential or other sectors? Precast concrete uses the concept of buildability and standardization of element sizes in order to achieve its myriad advantages which are reflected in its products being extensively used in commercial and infrastructure applications.

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Marketing Industry - Pre & Post COVID-19

A tiny speck of a virus has turned the lives upside down globally, which only leaves one wondering about ways to cope with the dramatic change. From following social distancing to persistently being indoors, the scenario is something that none of us expected. All kinds of industries, small or large have been confronting the pandemic with most of them experiencing the rock bottom of their financial situation.