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John Birkenhead ( Founder - HJC Actuarial Consulting )

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HJC Actuarial Consulting Limited

When the coronavirus pandemic wave took the world by surprise, every industry was grappling with the effects. The sudden, abrupt changes disrupted the normal way of living and business. The insurance domain is no exception to these changes. As the industry has a sound understanding of preparing for major losses, it has not been totally blindsided by the effects of the pandemic. The fundamental changes, however, are mounting as both insurers and customers are undergoing some challenges.


Business Sight's 10 Most Remarkable Companies in 2020

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American Cannabis Company, Inc.

As cannabis legalization reaches new heights throughout the country, so do the new business  opportunities associated with the rapidly growing cannabis sector.


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Concrete Blonde Consulting

Lindsey Myers founded Concrete Blonde Consulting in November 2016 to pursue her passion for building reputations and revenues through business development marketing strategies.


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InterWeave Smart Solutions

The Cloud has been making big waves in the industry with its unique abilities, it is transforming the industries in unprecedented ways. Several organizations have migrated to the Cloud, and many are in transition.


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INTTL Advocare

Unprecedented progress in technology has led to steep competition in every sector. Innovation is paving the way to the future. With robust ideas, companies are reinventing the processes and thereby, increasing the efficiency of the services and products.


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Kerubiel Consulting

The world is shifting towards digital as the technology is making several advancements. The businesses need a seasoned specialist in the niche to avert basic problems and eliminate common issues to successfully expand their business across the globe.


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Live Animations

Live Animations is a leading developer of innovative loyalty programs based on advanced AR technology for large retailers and kids & family brands around the world.


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LUXE Digital Now

LUXE Digital Now LLC is a luxury digital marketing and technology solutions company. It specializes in the beauty industry overview and innovates, designs and strategizes the best delivery in digital marketing and technology solutions.


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O.G.T Forensic Ltd

Forensic Chemistry casework, involving the most complex cases, is a highly demanding skill covering a wide range of scientific areas of expertise. Such cases are required to be completed to often very tight deadlines and under situations of high pressure in support of the Courts.


Editor's Point

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Characteristics of trustworthy companies

There are several ways to define the traits of a trustworthy company. Every person has his/her perception of these traits and depending upon the type and size of the business, the perception changes.


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How Cryptocurrency Came Into Existence ?

A digital or virtual currency developed to work as a medium of exchange just like any other currency is a cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are gaining recognition in the world as technology is advancing and more people are becoming aware of it.