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Pradeep Lala (Managing Director & CEO - Embassy Services)

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Embassy Services

Did you know what was one of the first things mankind did once he found himself shelter – Facility Management; An art that involves a plethora of tasks such as Housekeeping, Safety, Hygiene, Security, Surveillance, Energy Management, Pest Control… what not are these but for necessities and primitive instincts we garnered through evolution, right?  Owing to its essentiality for sustenance, we can say with utmost surety that the FM Industry is one that is driven by genuine need and value brought to a system. 


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Digital Link
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5F World

With the rise of digital era, businesses are migrating towards digital space. The latest technologies are bringing a paradigm shift in the digital domain. Digital transformation has become necessary for all businesses to stay afloat.

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Hesa Enterprises Private Limited

India being an agricultural country, over 70% of employment is dependent on agriculture and allied activities. It is only the niche that is experiencing the touch of technology, thanks to those enthusiasts who are determined to do something for pain-stricken farmers and others in the hinterland.

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Nextgen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd

The biotechnology sector has become the fastest-growing sector in the industry and has been innovative. The life Sciences sector is bringing a huge transformation and is enhancing the nation’s global profile and is adding to its economy.

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RT Network Solutions Pvt Ltd

Tanmoy Banerjee, the CEO of RT Network Solutions Pvt. Ltd. always dreamt of doing something of his own and making his presence in the industry. Completing his engineering in Electrical and Electronics in the year 1999, Tanmoy started working in HCL.

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SS Medical Systems Pvt. Ltd

Sacrificing a bright career abroad, Mr. Monish Bhandari chose to bring innovation to India. Being born to a business family in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh; Monish did his schooling at La Martiniere College, Lucknow and has always been a bright student looking up to innovation.

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Varutra Consulting Pvt. Ltd

The onset of the digital era brought a set of challenges that threatens the foundation of organizations. Cybersecurity is a big concern for several firms because the consequences of cyber-attacks are devastating.

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The coronavirus pandemic

The Covid pandemic has opened up new challenges for all of us, which we usually prefer to call the "New Normal". The OOH industry is also not an exception to this challenge, especially in India.


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The Revolutionary Changes in the Businesses

The recent Indian startup ecosystem has redefined the entrepreneurial journey by accelerating growth and success through disruptive technologies.