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Graham Bright ( Head - Compliance and Operations , Euro Exim Bank)

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Euro Exim Bank

Regulating and monitoring the transactions, financial institutions are playing a vital role. Such institutions are pivotal in managing the financial and monetary domain for several businesses and individuals alike. With economies going cashless and crypto revolution occurring apace, financial institutions are instrumental in the transition. Enabling real-time payments, managing cryptocurrency, and assisting buyers, Euro Exim Bank (EEB) is delivering specialized services.

Business Sight’s Visionary Leaders at Forefront of Entrepreneurship 2020

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During the last 8 months, hit by COVID-19, more and more companies started to leverage digital technologies moving from traditional offline cross-border business activities online. We have interviewed Mr. Max Ng, Associate Director of AsiaPay to learn more about through your digital innovation journey with AsiaPay

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Innovative Leadership Institute

Businesses, no matter the niche, have faced unprecedented disruption in 2020. . With COVID shutdowns and working from home, social unrest, remote education, technological advances, and unprecedented change in how organizations accomplish their missions, organizations need to build adaptability into their DNA.

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SA Capital

Advancing technology is playing an increasingly critical role in the way business is conducted. Several organizations are realizing the need to accelerate the development of digital solutions. To stay ahead of their competitors, firms are migrating towards digital solutions as these solutions are more reliable, efficient, and productive.

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Tooth Smart Dental

Smiling is the best medicine! Many wise and intellects have said it centuries ago. Even with the development and rise of modern medicine, nothing can surpass the natural medicine. Nature has intended smile to be, without any question, the best medicine. In such a stressful world, smiling faces instill hope. One smile can change the world.

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Imagine a world without automobiles – it would be a disaster. From commuting to transporting goods; automobiles are an integral part of today’s life. Consequently, breakdowns cause turmoil. To ensure their smooth running and a hassle-free driving experience, these automobiles must be maintained in optimal condition.

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Simplus - An Infosys Company

Salesforce offers powerful solutions to businesses and is embraced by major brands across the globe. But many companies find they need additional help to completely optimize the customer experience and realize operational efficiency through the platform. That’s where a consultant like Simplus steps in.

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Flex HR, Inc.  

With a growing number of organizations, the size of firms is also growing constantly. Now there is more workforce than ever before. Businesses require seamless management of several teams. As these teams are responsible for the organization’s growth, they need to be effective, efficient and performing in top condition.

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Finanz Konzept AG

With increasing awareness about investment, people nowadays are seeking to invest in different prospects. From stocks, bonds, to real estate, master limited partnerships, and more, the options are limitless. With the increase in demand, there has been a sharp increase in asset management companies.

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Top 10 Best Stock Market Investment Sites 2020

Trading has around since the dawn of humanity. With time, the methods have changed but the essence stays the same. The advent of technology has resulted businesses going online, therefore, trading too relies on online brokers more than ever.


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Top 30 Franchises in the world 2020

A company figures out how to make its brand work in different cultures across the globe. A franchise is the best option for a company in expanding its footprint. Hence, opening a franchise is the most important decision you can ever take. It will shape your entrepreneurial journey.