Bringing smart living with co-living

Co-living is the most preferred living option for any urbanite located in the fast-paced metro cities of the country. Given […]

Digitalization of logistic industry
The impact of AI in the Banking and Finance sector

How Agri-tech is driving Agriculture 4.0 ?

India is home to more than 450 Agri-tech segment start-ups, the agriculture sector has received more than USD 248 million […]

How Agri-bots are changing agriculture ?
Impact of Urban farming on health

Infosys Bengaluru evacutes office

The cases of the virus have risen in the country as the number of infected people is being isolated. The […]

Indian healthcare industry
How can Indian Healthcare system boost economy ?

Corona Vaccines are making headways

The race to the Corona vaccine is getting steeper as the countries are claiming that they have overcome all the […]

Medical or Social ending for Covid-19
Corona : Businesses and Workers are Optimistic About the Future

Optare bags 37 electric bus order

With the world moving towards sustainable energy, electric vehicles are making a big impact in the world. Ecofriendly and less […]

Lithium-ion batteries a major hurdle for India
Benefits of Electric Vehicles

How logistics industry is change with technology ?

The technological innovations are making big waves across industries, and logistics may be one of the most impacted sectors and […]

The emergence of 3PL, 4PL, and 5PL in logistics
GST reforms the Logistics Sector

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