mHealth for better health

Schedules these days are jampacked with appointments and meetings, leaving no space to breathe let alone going for minor discomfort […]

India succeeds in achieving a sharp decline in maternity mortality ratio (MMR)
India lacks behind China, Bangladesh and Bhutan by ranking 145th in Helathcre

What is blockchain and how it works

With the rise of computers and technology, ascertaining transactions are real or fake has become a nuisance. As the entries […]

Secrets Of Optimum Return On Investment
Will automated decision-making turn banking upside down?

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

There’s a gradual increase in the number of electric vehicles on the streets, and a few years down the lane, […]

How Air Taxis will change the future
Jaguar Land Rover to fund a 99 percent program by investing Rs.1.2 Lakh Crore

The emergence of 3PL, 4PL, and 5PL in logistics

The rise of e-commerce has made a significant contribution to the logistics. Logistics is an organization responsible for carrying out […]

GST reforms the Logistics Sector
Koopman to be the first Logistics company to use Blockchain Technology

Cover Story, K. Sridhar, Co-Founder & Director ( Kelsa Solutions )

Going that extra mile Kelsa Management Solutions was started in March 2010 with a mission to cater to the needs […]

Sharp and Score HR Consulting Pvt Ltd – BS List of 10 Best HR Solution Providers 2020
Positive Strokes – BS List of 10 Best HR Solution Providers 2020

How Virtual Reality will change the classrooms

Virtual Reality is the new kid who is coolest and got all the tricks to impress everyone. What was quite […]

Pankaj Kumar Singh, Founder, Cambridge Montessori Pre School
Peer Pressure in Education

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