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Shahid Hakim, Founder & Director (El-Tech Electronics & Electricals)

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El-Tech Electronics & Electricals

Technology has contributed a ton to make a considerable lot of human tasks simple and trustworthy. It generally takes things to the next level so that there are minimal human intervention and greatest safety and accuracy. Talking about safety, there is consistently a requirement for security in any commercial or residential places with the goal that things and individuals both are sheltered.

Top 10 Enterprise Service Provider Companies 2019

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Banthia & Co. Advocates

Being in a society, as an individual, one needs to be aware of the various laws and legal stuff and also many are interested to pursue their career in advocacy. With the opening of the best law schools in India who deliver the best possible education to youth along with building their other skills, we surely can foresee a bright future in this field.

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Changing Tree

Changing Tree, aka CT, began with a simple idea – to help brands grow, and change with times, as all brands should. Bangalore, the nation’s startup, is filled with up and coming brands that need guidance in this direction. And that’s how Changing Tree began – to help startups grow, to nurture their very roots and to help their marketing branch out in many avenues, so that they can stand tall and strong.

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In the times when the world is moving and advancing at such a fast pace, many of the activities have been automated for faster and efficient results. Right from using services at public places, manufacturing industries, to corporate offices for security reasons, there is then a need for automation and surveillance systems. With the increased demands for automation in all sectors, there are companies who are involved in creating wonders which are helpful in numerous ways.

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Lex Jurists

Founded in 1993, Lex Jurists® Advocates & Solicitors is a full-service law firm and deals with civil as well as criminal litigation across district courts, high courts, and the Supreme Court of India. The firm specializes in compliance and regulatory work for major corporate clients and handles a wide range of arbitration matters both in India and abroad, including the London Court of International Arbitration.

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Every organization needs a skilled and qualified talent for various roles. Although, there is no shortage of talented people, searching the right candidate, hiring and explaining him the work he is expected to perform and the time he shall be taking to get comfortable with his new role is a tedious and long-term process.

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OMG Group

Advertising is the channel that bridge the gap between the marketer and the customers. When done systematically and with a planned approach, advertising is sure to give fruitful results. An advertising agency understands the product first, create a campaign, decide the various marketing mix, and launch the product in the market.

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Radma Research and Consulting

Qualitative Research is imperative for organizations and makes it easier for the management to make informed decisions. Radma Research is a premium qualitative research organisation, baes out of Pune, Maharashtra, that provides organisations with highly qualitative and insightful research output. Their research outcomes help customers take strategic and informed decisions.