New Horizon – The 10 Most Admired Consultant Leaders to watch in 2019

Technology has replaced everything, from the way we work to spend and even save. However, the only thing which technology cannot replace is the human being; he is the axis on which most of the businesses revolves, and he is of paramount importance when it comes to making decisions and analyzing facts. Of all the job roles that are present in the corporate world, HR is the most crucial and cannot run without human intervention. Human Resource is the cornerstone of the HR industry, and the way the HR department runs depends on the expertise and talent of the people managing it.

It is vital to hire the right people and place them at the right place, and the Mumbai based HR Consulting firm, New Horizon is adept at offering such solutions. It is one of the best HR consultancies in Mumbai. The company is known for providing customized solutions to its clients and work according to the need, size, industry, and location of its client. New Horizon has innovative and out of the box strategies in HR to ensure that the staff of the company hired by New Horizon remains committed to serving the company, and there occurs less turnover of employees. Services that the firm offers are:

  • Organization structuring
  • Designing ideal selection process,
  • HR policy making & implementing,
  • Making Compensation & Benefit Plan,
  • Performance Management System,
  • HR Audit,
  • Payroll Administration & Exit Process

The above mentioned are the primary and the full services offered by the company; however there are numerous micro HR consultancy services provided by New Horizon like screening test to take during the interview, candidate onboarding and induction, salary structure, defining role and responsibility, Retention policy etc.

The company takes pride in its 13,500 employees that the organization has handled successfully, and the company is optimistic about touching the figured to 15,000 by July. Designing customized employee retention strategy and an ideal salary structure are the strengths of the company. New Horizon has given a sense of relief to owners of small business by giving them time to focus on their personal life as the company is taking good care of its HR needs. The company has designed a system that formulates a smooth running of the business and assists in the expansion and growth of the business.

The team at New Horizon is an enthusiast lot, who understand the importance of a right candidate for the organization and strives to search the most suitable candidate for the organization. The team also understand that their responsibility is not only towards the company but also towards the job seeker and strives to place him in the company of his dreams. The team’s responsibility does not end once the candidate is successfully placed, but it goes till the time he is inducted in the organization, his salary structure is decided, his performance management and even his exit process.

New Horizon’s team of expert HR consultants, make sure that they understand and relate to your business needs, so that they may be able to give you the best solutions for your HR needs. They design, implement, monitor, and maintain an excellent relationship with both the employer and the job seeker.

The company predominantly work with SMEs than corporate and service industries like manufacturing, engineering, health care, digital marketing, advertising, financial consulting, logistics, etc.

Falguni Sheth, the founder of New Horizon, is an HR expert having 23 years of rich experience in handling all wings of HR. She is ranked as one of the Top 10 HR consultants in India. She has played a critical role in formulating strategic business makeover policies.

She has extensive experience in employee retention strategy and has immense knowledge of various HR policies.

She has a focused approach to saving huge human resources cost and implementing policies in the organization. Falguni Sheth has profound subject knowledge and her meticulous system of working, follow up, and timely delivery has impressed her clients.

She believes in not only designing modules but also implementing in the right manner to get the desired result. She conducts regular HR awareness session, and she is the first HR coach in this domain. She regularly writes on HR articles in Newspaper or Magazines. She is also a certified graphologist and People Architect.

The company believes in delivering its responsibility towards the society and urge clients that they should at least hire one person in their workforce who is physically challenged just as a part of CSR.

New Horizon is optimistic about its future and manifests that to give HR its due, it is also essential to change the mindset of the employers and the employees both. As per the company, HR is no more a luxury but a necessity for every organization, and HR should function in automode in the coming years.