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Revolutionizing Drone Technologies to Defy Payload and Flight-time Limitations

With the advent of drone technology, the world in entertainment, business, government & military, security,real estate, pharmaceutical, etc., has changed drastically. The applications are limitless and drones are only gaining more traction with the advancement in technology. As new horizons are being unlocked, ZM Interactive (ZMI) is leading the market with its innovative and unique developments. The firm has designed its fully customised xFoldtm aerial UAV drones, to be the top in their class.

Having more than 15 years of experience in cinematography, piloting, and reinventing drone technology, xFoldtm drones are helping thousands in numerous industries worldwide, serving clients and partners from NASA, Google, Uber, Bell Helicopter, Dynatics and more, to governments and military world-wide, to top leading universities around the world. Partnering with the University of North Dakota and Harris Corporation, the Northern Plains UAS Test site, xFoldtm Drones  are in use  exploring the implementation and operation of unmanned traffic management (UTM) systems in the National Airspace System. ZM Interactive’s indigenously built xFoldtm Dragon x6 Hybrid is also helping the Department of Transportation’s Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Integration Pilot Program and helping NASA and Collins Aerospace test.

The tests ran by the xFoldtm Dragon are of paramount importance as the data gathered from it is critical information needed to ensure safe management of UAS in the national airspace. It helps in the commercialization of the industry.

Dynamic Personality behind Success

Mr. Ziv Marom – Founder & CEO of  ZM Interactive (ZMI), designer and inventor of xFoldtm drones is a leading expert in UAV technology, engineering and piloting. Mr. Marom is globally acknowledged not only for his aerial cinematography for Hollywood feature films, Emmy awarded documentaries, and commercials but also in 3D, motion graphics, and VFX, as well as intensive military background with IDF’s special intelligence unit

 xFoldtm drones are industrial, military-grade UAS that come in various sizes and configurations. xFoldtm is the only UAS that its frame can change between an X4 (Quad), x6 (Hexa), X8 (Octo), and X12 (Dodeca) configurations in mere minutes to deliver results, integrating different payloads such as high-resolution cameras, night-vision, heat sensors, LiDar scanners, as well as cargo delivery mechanism for different applications, as well as smart AI software integration for special missions such as indoor / outdoor autonomous flights, swarm, precise landing and decision making in the air. 

Innovative & Cutting-Edge Designs

With changing capabilities in minutes, the xFoldtm drone is capable of carrying a heavy payload of over 300 lb, and hence, the xFoldtm is suitable for a wide range of commercial, industrial, military and emergency response applications.

 xFoldtm drones are the only FAA approved airworthy drones at that level.

Under his leadership, ZM Interactive has selected Iris Automation as the detect and avoid provider for their drones. The sophisticated drones allow ZMI’s clients to conduct beyond the visual line of sight operations. 

“Having drones pre-equipped with the option for advanced BVLOS capabilities is a basic requirement the industry will soon expect to see on all drones out-of-the-box,” asserts Mr. Marom.

The FAA has been occupied with UTM for a few years. ZM Interactive has done a marvelous job as it contended with the risks of small UAS by removing normal flight operations, potentially grounding flights, and introducing unexpected complications. The company has found a way to integrate the coming wave of commercial unmanned package delivery, another large low flying unmanned traffic, and urban air mobility into a busy airspace.

ZM Interactive has cleared the first phase of testing and it is ensuring that the system holds up to commercial UAS operations under Part 107 and 333 exemption waivers to fly over 55lb MOTW (Maximum Overall Total Weight) using this platform, allowing interested commercial partners to render the drone in the UAS operations.

Stellar Genesis

Mr. Marom having, a military background and has wide expertise in robotics technology and simulation development for surveillance, security, and rescue missions. With his vast knowledge in the niche, he’s pushing the boundaries to increase payload capacity, flight endurance and the ability to handle extreme weather conditions.

When he had introduced ZM Interactive’s drones in the market, they were miles ahead in terms of technology, design, flight time, and payload capacity than the rest of the drones.

Despite never finishing his school or a degree, Mr. Marom attributes his inspiration to the stints in the military. “Today, we have put an ecosystem of configurable drone models and software technology stacks. Our clients can combine and make use of their cases' demand. We can extend our subject matter expertise, services, and assistance to their developers,” he proclaims.

Penetrating Various Segments

ZM Interactive has dominated the entertainment industry. With its unparalleled drone technology, it delivers high-quality footage which is equivalent to the professional camera’s footage. It is a feat which previously was unheard of. The firm is also among one of the entities that bring aerial cinematography as an end to end,  fully customizable service offering for production crews.

Mr. Marom is looking at new horizons that his drones could potentially change. He is positively impacting lives through the development of exponential UAVs and robotics technologies. Currently, he is developing and building life saving drones which have already been utilized in humanitarian missions.

ZM Interactive (ZMI) is propelling itself to new heights with drone technology and solutions as it’s entering new verticals.


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