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When will covid pandemic end?

The Covid pandemic which began in January 2020 in Wuhan, China, before long made dread in the hearts of individuals. […]

One Stop Solution for all Event Requirements during Covid-19 Pandemic

Big Star Productions Pvt Ltd. – An Global Event Management Company  ( ISO 9001 :2015 Certified Company) With 10 years […]

How did coronavirus impact small businesses?

In late March, more than 500 countries were surveyed by the SMB or small or medium business group. This survey […]

Top 10 Startup Business Ideas During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With ever-increasing coronavirus cases, businesses and jobs are affected beyond measures. Metropolitan cities are among the worst hit in India. […]

Business Sight – Serum Institute to supply India with 50 percent of Covishield vaccine

Countless prayers for coronavirus vaccine are finally manifesting as vaccine candidates across the globe are showing promising results. This is […]

COVID_19 – British Airways

The travel industry is among the worst hit industries in the world due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Hence, the aviation […]

COVID_19-A warm recovery is expected next year

As the hopes of the vaccine are fueling the market and economies bouncing back, the global economy is stabilizing in […]

Business Sight : Corona Vaccines are making headways

The race to the Corona vaccine is getting steeper as the countries are claiming that they have overcome all the […]

Business Sight: Medical or Social ending for Covid-19

As the pandemic is wreaking havoc in the world, people are praying and hoping for the situation to get better. […]

Corona : Businesses and Workers are Optimistic About the Future

It is the week when the global pandemic is gaining grounds and there is grim economic news but the optimism […]

Coronavirus Update: Impact of Pandemic on Amazon’s Sales

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has taken the world by surprise. No economy was prepared to handle such a massive […]

Coronavirus Update: Impact on higher education

The education sector remains a badly affected domain due to the outbreak of Coronavirus. As lockdowns are still been observed […]