Business Sight: Medical or Social ending for Covid-19

As the pandemic is wreaking havoc in the world, people are praying and hoping for the situation to get better. When it comes to pandemics, there are two types of ending: the medical – the incidence and death rate plummet, and the social – fear about the disease losses its potency. Mostly, when people are asking about the ending, they are more likely to ask about the social ending. The medical ending may take months, if not years and hence, people would prefer to battle against the fear.

It can be said then that the pandemic would be far from over but because people grow tired of the panic mode and learn to live with a virus. Many experts claim that ends and pandemics have weak narratives. In the end, who gets to say with concrete facts?

A pandemic of fear can occur without a pandemic of sickness. As the cases are growing, fear is a constant companion. The social ending is more likely in the case of Covid-19 than the medical end. The challenges will always be there and sudden victory is not guaranteed. Without any concrete evidence, the end of Covid-19 will be a long and difficult process.