Abhijit Shanbhag (Graymatics) – Business Sight’s Most Acknowledged Brands 2021

Making life easier, smoother, and more secure


Graymatics, a cognitive multimedia processing company based in Singapore, with offices in India and California, USA, is known for its transformational technologies and their applicability to today’s urban and business safety landscape. It primarily offers CCTV-based video analytics solutions to enable clients to draw critical insights from existing infrastructure all in detailed dashboards. It operates in core areas such as smart city projects and transportation, smart commercial buildings and factories, IT companies, oil and gas organizations, smart banks, and retail businesses.

Turning things around, the smart way

During his time in the US, Abhijit Shanbhag, the Founder and CEO of Graymatics, observed that despite abundance of image and video content, there was almost negligible presence of video search and analytics tools. The rise of CCTVs in urban and commercial landscape was leading to enormous video content generation that could be then turned into machine-readable data and offer a wide range of beneficial solutions. Search of content on video hosting platforms was entirely based on captions, and CCTVs were installed more for deterrence than proper exploitation. Graymatics thus saw a massive opportunity to create a highly scalable, versatile cognitive platform that could analyse large volumes of video content in near real-time and convert that content into machine-understandable data. Graymatics transforms CCTVs from the very passive devices to a very compelling array of solutions across various industries and verticals. In addition to deep image and video analytics, their platform also performs audio analytics in the real-time which helps detect voice direction, emotion detection and suspicious noise and make the video content sources even smarter.

The crux / Changemaker

Graymatics leverage advanced AI, Machine Learning, IoT, and data analytics to develop futuristic video content-aware tools. Primary business verticals include Smart Cities & Buildings, Smart Transportation, Retail and Factories. In all these verticals, Graymatics enable the use of the current installed CCTV’s as solutions solving critical business problems corresponding to this vertical. Graymatics technology can perform tasks such as real-time indexing, analysis, and classification of videos and images as per defined parameters.

By using such advanced technology, they have been able to turn a normal CCTV system into a state-of-the-art and compelling video analytics solution that can generate information, insights and also raise alerts when needed. The use cases of AI analytics far exceed the conventional CCTV roles. One example is a construction project in Singapore. A government-based construction company in Singapore awarded us a pilot for their pre-cast inspection project to bring in automation in the inspection process and enhance the platform in order to bring in more productivity.

One of the biggest challenges faced by Graymatics is the spread of cheap, low-performing, unreliable solutions in the market, creating a negative connotation. Since their technology is advanced and novel for many industry verticals and users, there is some reluctance in the adoption of the video analytics platform beyond the early adopters. There is incredible, almost limitless potential as far as usage is concerned. Graymatics is driving awareness about the same and hopes to overcome this trepidant.

Graymatics offers several competitive advantages. They offer the highest breadth of AI-powered video analytics in the industry, optimized middleware to support the maximum number of high-performance AI analytics processes within a much smaller computer hardware footprint. Further, there is the versatility of deployment options including edge, on-premises, cloud, or hybrid edge-to-cloud. Other advantages include components such as a sophisticated alert report engine, forensic search, and insightful dashboards. Moreover, the platform can also be seamlessly integrated with a mobile app. Graymatics is constantly working on innovation to create solutions that benefit a wide range of users and solves real-life business problems.

Graymatics products are helping in boosting safety, security, customer experience, and operational efficiency for various segment and market. Graymatics now have strong market activity and deployments across South East Asia, India, Latin America and others. They are now in the process of kicking off large projects in Europe and the Middle East. Few Graymatic’s clients and partners, Development Bank of Singapore, Fujitsu, Samsung, Hitachi, Flipkart, and Globe.

For More Details: https://www.graymatics.com/