Ritesh Bijoria (Online Medical Consulting) – Business Sight’s Most Acknowledged Brands 2021

Technology coupled with healthcare

OMC Online Medical Consulting happens to be perhaps the only company in the healthcare space who have aggregated all healthcare services under one roof.This is a single technology platform for medical services and medical tourism.OMC has conceptualized the aggregation of all healthcare needs under a single roof. Be it online pharmacy, Diagnostic centers, and online booking of appointments for doctors in your city. OMC promoted by Medical Tourism World, to facilitate and promote Medical Tourism in India.The focus, its approach towards addressing the un-organised market of Medical Tourism, made us reverse the traditional patient inbound model with Indian Doctors conducting OPD’s and Minor Surgeries. They already have medical tourism, Diagnostics, telemedicine under their ambit. In the near future OMC hopes to add tele- radiology hospitals under its umbrella. A footprint in ten nations, and a strong aim to scale up this number and services in due course of time.

OMC apart from providing medical services also renders services Airport to Airport service, Diagnostic services,with a network of 300 hospitals, OPD management services,VIP management services,Integration of outsource services like setting up of inhouse pathology, radiology, online and offline pharmacy support and reverse medical tourism are also the services offered. Under the umbrella of OMC also comes Doctors appointment, Cosmetic treatment, International patients,Ordering genuine medicines,Diagnostic services, free medical advice,Home care services,Travel documents, Immediate surgery rates, option to compare them, even doctors could register themselves for better and fruitful results.

Here the customer (patient) has the option of speaking to a doctor via the app or web video call even free medical advice through the chat option.

Spreading wings and scope:

OMC, traversed the path in a steady sure manner. Revenue collected in 2020-2021 is 150 million Rs.to projected, expected to 900 million rs. by 2024-2025. The immediate plan is to increase the footprint by strengthening the brand and expertise diagnostic services in Gurgaon and other major cities. Overseas offices initially 5 countries' agenda has been picked for medical tourism. More countries would be added along with the sphere of work.At the same time build or acquire technologies for better and smoother operations in all facets. The long term goal is of integrated leadership wherein medical tourism, diagnostic capabilities and tie up with hospitals comes under the broad spectrum of OMC

What began with an impactful imprint towards radiology soon would sail overseas in other nations adding feathers with varied colors to its wings.

Only medical services is not the prime focus, but medical tourism is in the ambit of OMC. Medical advice, Diagnostic lab services, cosmetic treatment, Doctor appointment, home care services, pharmacy. Telemedicine, physiotherapy not to forget blood bank. They even rent out medical equipment.Hospital management, yoga training and classes even ayurvedic medicines are available. All these amenities are part of OMC. Over the past decade medical tourism in the country has gained rapidly not only in strength but also in a steady, healthy manner. Kudo’s to entrepreneurs and medical professional's acumen and foresight. Medical tourism has come a long way, OMC spread its wings, soon far and wide as well. Opening avenues that were nowhere in sight a decade ago.

OMC Co-founded by alumni of IIM, IIT and Medico and is promoted by Medical Tourism World, to facilitate and promote Medical Tourism in India.India definitely scores high on the cost of treatment and skill set side.

The management board of OMC is without a doubt impressive and varied. There are doctors, business strategists, and experts in OMC’s line of work .The team is led by Mr. Ritesh Kumar Bijoria, co- founder and CEO Being the head of supply chain management, Delmonte India, Business head north and business intelligence,(business strategy and system audits) for Sahara Q shop.Head of distribution for 3m this is just to name a couple. With a wealth of experience under his belt, a strong foundation and an able core team.

This does make the future course smoother, broader and brighter to say the least.

OCM has received a number of awards and recognition to mention some of them

Most Trusted Diagnostic Chain in North India 2021

Most Trusted Diagnostic Chain in NCR 2020

Top 10 Brand in Healthcare in 2021

Most Recognized Personality in Healthcare 2020

Top 10 Startup in Healthcare in 2019

They soar to go higher

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