How Covid-19 Pushed Digital Transformation in the Industry ?

When coronavirus started spreading around the globe, people were forced to keep shut their offices, industries, businesses etc. It was a great loss because the main source of livelihood of these people was affected. Some industries started shifting their businesses to digital platforms. This was a hard but good and correct step for many industries and businesses around the world. People who were able to save their industry from the depressing effect of covid-19,  were the happiest in their respective fields. Also people who were doubtful about shifting their businesses to the digital platform were able to console themselves and became successful even in this hard time.

So let's see what are the various factors or determinants which were able to push digital transformation in the covid-19?


People of a nation collectively make a nation stronger. When people are aware about what they want and what they can do to have it,they get more determined to do their job. And when the people of a whole nation are smart enough to grow their businesses even in a difficult situation, they directly contribute to the nation. In order to deliver a perfect service, a company needs to give it's best and when it is about the better growth of a whole nation , digital capabilities of major companies is very important.

When a whole nation contributes to the digital transformation, the nation is surely going to have a good economy even in a very hard time.


Before the pandemic era, most industries were labour intensive but during the covid-19 pandemic people were kicked out of their jobs.  This situation was very awful because most of the labours are not well-financed. Besides,  the employees of a office who lose their jobs during the pandemic were able to get back to their jobs only because their company shifted to a digitally working company. This shift was helpful for not only the employees but also different industries,  businesses etc. Business initiatives are currently trying to develop more by taking digital firms.


Some people are feeling relaxed and more calm by working from home. They say home is where they feel complete and fresh.  They feel good by working from home. People are transforming their approach towards flexible work system and mobility in work.


Transforming to a completely digital system is not as easy as it seems. Everything necessary for a digital market has to be upgraded. Strong social media links in any social platform such as Facebook,  Twitter,  etc can be very helpful for better and wider marketing. A person who deals with digital marketing should be aware about the pros and cons of digitally acclaimed market. That's why skills are necessary for connecting everything for a better outcome.


People expect that the solution partners/digital product be innovative so that they offer free cashflow investment model for digital implementations.  So capital conscious models are necessary as companies and other firms have already faced a gradual loss of revenue / budget. We can clearly see the percentage of decrease in revenue in the following:

In order to get back their lost profits , they need to start developing or start their planning to develop their firms. Some companies have already started their backup plans. Some organizations/ companies believe the profits of the company will return as it was in pre-covid19 period. The firms which have started the process of developing again are:

74% people believe their expected revenue would bounce back within two years.

Percentage of companies in which the workers are productive, secure and do great work from home:

Leaders- 100%

Vast middle- 67%

Follower companies- 45%.

Well the process of development is going on and people are looking forward to better opportunities. Companies are also going to be more determined and positive towards their respective works. Every industry needs a good start and are looking for it. Within two to three years companies will surely get back to their best of them. So let's stay positive and search for a better tomorrow.