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How 3D printing is changing manufacturing industry ?

The world has seen many intriguing manufacturing technologies so far, but 3D printing has really caught everyone’s attention over the […]

ERP for streamline processes

All the core processes needed to run a company: material procurement, finance, HR, manufacturing, supply chain, administration, and others, ERP […]

The Manufacturing Sector in US booms despite the fear of Trade War

The manufacturing sector in the US has added 36,000 jobs in June this year. This has been the most so […]

Giant invests in manufacturing and distribution in Europe

Giant announces the production and distribution expansions in Europe. The expansion signals its commitment to the market with its focus […]

Why Manufacturers Should Stop Ignoring Social Media

Social media marketing appears irrelevant to most companies in the manufacturing industry. Manufacturers who want to move their organizations…

Internet of Things and Digitization of Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is leading in the Internet of Things for many reasons in today’s time. There are the many uses of IoT that offer rapid …